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Jul 22, 2021


Hi guys,

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who is keen to make good sales commission revenue by selling products to people already looking for them, using free traffic.

And if you’ve just seen the word ‘commission’ and you’ve hit panic-mode, please don’t.

I understand that you will have, or be looking for, pay-per-hour jobs. Most people are. Even I have a full-time salaried job. What I’m referring to hear is a chance to make additional income whilst you perform other jobs. And the opportunity I have is so incredibly flexible it means you can spend 5 mins here, 3 minutes there, a minute somewhere else. You can add to your existing income without having to find a dedicated chunk of time in your day.

You would be listing products from my Australian based online store onto your Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) profile, answering any queries that people happen to send you via FB Messenger, with the goal of directing them to the product page where they can order, and then making 10% of each sale!

Keep in mind that:
- Listing is really easy and once you list a product once, you can really just keep earning from it. Customers will continue to see the listing weeks after you create it.

- If you were to do this and then send someone to Amazon to buy the product, you’d earn around 2-4% of the sale value. If it was an eBay listing you sent someone to, you’d earn 5%. I’m offering to pay you 10% of the total sales you make. That’s around HALF of the margin in each product…without you having to set up the store, pay for store running fees, warehousing fees, and dealing with any post-sale issues! By normal standards, this is a very generous offer.

- If there is a really slow week and people arent messaging you about your listings, and you don’t make as much as you had hoped, that’s unfortunate..BUT…you also haven’t had to use much or any of your time. That’s the inbuilt protection you have with this model.

Store prices range from low two figures to high three figures. It’s a store selling furniture, home décor, kids toys, sports &outdoor, workshop, garden products etc.

You can decide what you’re most comfortable listing, be that lower priced items that might earn less but sell more often; or higher priced items with bigger margins that may not sell as often; or a combination of both.

You would be using your FBMP account to post products, and listing the location as whatever Australian based city I let you know.

s very important that you use your own profile because:

- I’m already using mine and part of the benefit to me is to have more reach. The trouble is, FB in Australia is still limited to local area. And I can’t be everywhere, nor can I have multiple FB accounts. Therefore, I need people who can assist by posting my products, and earning when someone buys.

- Even if I was to hand you over a profile to use, it would be banned within a day. Facebook is very touchy with an account that was sitting in Australia, is all of a sudden being accessed from the Philippines…or anywhere else for that matter.

- FBMP users want and expect to deal with everyday people, not corporations or brands necessarily.

You outlay NOTHING – FBMP is free to use, and you’re selling products you don’t own or have to stock!

This is how it would work:
- You go to my store and choose a product you want to promote
- You turn that product link into an affiliate link so that I know the sale has come from you (easy process - I provide the software that automates this)
- You create a FBMP listing for that product by copying the photos and the description from the store, to the FBMP listing (simple!)
- You answer questions that come your way via Messenger. Typically, these will be people asking if the product is still available.
- When people indicate they are keen to buy, you send them your affiliate link for the product. This takes them to my store where they pay for the item. Your affiliate dashboard will show the sale, and how much you made.
- Post as many items as you like. Some won’t do so well; others will sell like hot cakes.
- You might have a week when you’re busy with other work and you don’t create any more listings whatsoever. That’s ok. You could literally just answer a handful of questions via Messenger and still make a sale or three!

You have to think about this differently to other jobs you may have done or looked into before.
This is the kind of thing you can do in between other commitments. No set hours. You might be a University student keen to make some extra cash, a stay-at-home parent looking for a super easy and flexible way to make some extra money. Anyone looking for a side income. Honestly, you could even be someone like me working a full time job from home who would find it easy to answer a few Messenger questions each day (I answer Messenger questions in between meetings, during lunch, while cleaning my teeth, whenever really). You’ve just got yourself a side hustle without having had to invest anything!

There is virtually no downside, with a big upside.

The key things I’m looking for are:
- Willingness to be flexible with time. This can’t work if you say I’ll just do it between 8and 9am, and 6 and 7pm. The nature of FBMP is that people ask questions when they’re looking to buy, and if they don’t get an answer quickly, they move and on search for an alternative. the good thinng about your timezone is that its not all that differnt to ours in australia. further, the evening often brings a run of enquiries, meaning im often doing this quite late. But this would be earlier in the evening for you guys, with you being a couple of hours behind us.

- English fluency. Often this doesn’t matter, and I hate that it does, but potential customers on FBMP want to think they’re dealing with a local. It doesn't matter that you're not , as the listing will be local, and the products are sent to them from Australia, but no-one on FBMP wants to think they're dealing with someone outside their city, its just the nature of it. When we start messaging each other about this role, this is what I’ll be trying to assess as we communicate.

- I will provide a lot of details and basic suggested replies to various questions that typically come up, however you still need to be someone who knows how to engage with people, and to read them well enough to know when you suggest they buy, when you send a purchase link, whether or not you suggest an upsell, and so on.

- If you’re familiar with using FBMP, it would make life much easier, but the points above this one are even more important than knowing FBMP.

If you’re interested or have any questions, just respond and let me know, maybe even let me know a bit about yourself and what familiarity you’ve had with FBMP or online sales.

Thank you,


Hi guys. I’m adding this note a few hours after listing this job. Ive had around 20 people put their hand up already, which is great. And I’m happy to take on more than one. Maybe even up to 4 or 5 people.

However what has been frustrating is that I’m getting a lot of beautifully constructed responses, some with big fancy words and references to 3 degrees etc etc…but…it’s clear to me that these are cut and paste responses, and that I’m getting the same response as 10 other jobs that have probably been applied for today.
some cases people are referencing tasks or roles that I haven’t even raised, or provided such a generic response that there’s no way I know they’ve even read my listing.
I don’t want that type of response. I want to hear from the real you, how you’d approach the job, what you’d like about it, any concerns you have, any experience in using Marketplace even if it was to sell some old junk around your home…that type of thing.
Ao don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these have all been good people but the responses are boring as hell, and everyone sounds the same - give me something that will help me know you (without making big bold claims about us conquering the universe together).
Thanks. Bernard

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