Cold Caller for Online Real Estate Company

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Part Time






May 05, 2021


You will be dialing real estate leads and speaking with property owners in the United States to determine if they are interested in selling their property.

Pay: $6.00-7.00 USD / Hour (depending on experience level)

I am looking for an individual to work 20 hours per week, with the option to expand to 30, and eventually 40 over time.

The right candidate…

- Will speak fluent, clear English without a hint of a foreign accent. We’re seeking someone who has the ability to sound just like someone local to our market in the United States.
- Has an enthusiastic, energetic, and very positive personality type.
- Is looking for stable and long term employment, and who values consistency.
- Is interested in learning new things and growing as a person.
- Will be unafraid to ask questions when something is unclear.
- Will communicate clearly and frequently through e-mail and instant messaging
- Has a stable and fast internet connection, a reliable computer, and a smartphone that is less than 2 years old.
- Is OK working during US business hours (10:00-15:00 EST), 4 hours / day and 5 days / week (to start)


- You can work from home
- Employment is steady and I am looking to hire someone for the long term, not just for a few weeks or months.
- Flexible vacation, if you need time off just let me know.
- Opportunity to advance/get bonuses, if you do a good job I will give you a raise and bonuses.
- Opportunity to learn about the real estate industry.

About Me:

I own my own real estate company here in the US. Previous to this I spent many years working as a lead at financial companies, and I understand the importance of good people management and employer-employee relationships. I put a lot of value on trust and creating win-win work situations.

To Apply for the job:

1. Send me a message and change the subject line to “Cold Caller VA Position: (Your Name)”
2. In the message, please list any relevant experience you have in a bullet point list.
3. Create a YouTube video (two minutes or less) of yourself speaking and include a link to the video in the message. Make sure the video has good lighting so you are clearly visible, and also ensure that the audio is clear. In the video please answer the following, in this order:

- Please describe your experience with cold calling and your feelings about the nature of the work.
- Please explain what is most interesting about this position to you.
- Please explain how this position would fit in with your longer term career goals.
- Please describe one interesting thing about yourself and your personality!
- Please answer the question… IF you could meet any historical person, either from the past or who is living today, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Please keep your email short and concise. Longer e-mails may be skipped. Due to the high volume of applicants, if ANY of the above criteria is not met in your message or YouTube video we will not be able to contact you. Thank you for your understanding.

For qualified candidates there will be up to two short interviews between us and video will be required.

Thank you!

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