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May 04, 2021


Do you have experience creating APIs, consuming APIs, web scraping, or data modeling? Are you familiar with multiple AWS / GCP services and how to use them programatically? Any familiarity with docker, SSH, certbot, terraform, or ansible? How about nginx ingress for kubernetes? Are you familiar with auth0 roles, permissions, and user metadata? Do you know great ways of doing creative things with the "free tier" of services from different cloud vendors?

If only one of those things applies to you, then read on.

How comfortable are you using the command-line and shell scripting? Are you good enough to tutor and mentor a small group? Any interest in improving your own command-line skills? How do you like to structure projects of various sizes and what is your approach to documentation?

I'm in the early stage of starting a recruiting and education agency. I've been passionate about open source technologies and command-line interfaces since 2004. I'm developing a Command-line Immersion experience (course and mentorship program) that is targeted at people early in their tech careers and non-technical people hoping to dabble and learn a little. I will also start building up pipelines of prospects and candidates for jobs and invite guests to share their tech journeys on a live stream.

I will need help digging into a variety of open source projects that are freely available online. One of the goals is to aggregate information and resources about useful tools and tutorials. Another is to build out example services using official documentation and tutorials. There may be some blogging and writing to do about certain tools or processes. I have been maintaining some open source tools (Python and Bash) and I would eventually want you extending their use as well. Please mention if you are also open to evaluating and recruiting job candidates.

Familiarity with git (version control) is preferred. Experience and interest in any of the following languages Go, Rust, C, Python/Pandas, Lua, JavaScript, Flutter, Kotlin, Elm, Julia, Scala is preferred. Experience or interest in security, infrastructure, machine learning, or cloud is a bonus. Mention any databases or data stores you've used or have interest in (SQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Neo4j, etc).

To apply, specify your favorite fruit as the subject and write a couple sentences about your favorite language(s) and an open source library/tool (or 2) written in it. If you don't have an account with github, signup at and send me the username you create. Also visit to sign up. Both are free. Use `asciinema auth` to connect your account from your terminal.

eck out this article and follow along (recording the terminal only with asciinema) ... take some light/simple notes in format (that link is a cheat sheet and live preview tool for markdown syntax). In your markdown notes, include some ideas you have or things you tried out while following along. Then copy your markdown and make a gist (must be logged in, or else it will redirect to the "discover" page). Feel free to "create secret gist" and include the url in your reply.

This will start out part-time and become full-time in 2-3 months. I want this to be a very long-term role. Looking forward to your application.

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