Full-time Essay Editor (SASS)

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Full Time


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Sep 09, 2021


Hi Potential Coworker,

My name is Jason. I'm the CEO of GrantMe.

We're on a mission to accelerate a student's journey to their dream career. We provide world-class service built on top of our own proprietary technology platform to help students win scholarships, get into their top choice schools, and find the right career opportunities for them. As an Essay Editor, you are the backbone of our students’ success. Without great essay editors, students have a difficult time knowing how they can be successful in winning the scholarships they are working hard for. If you love helping students and have a flexible schedule and strong eye for detail, this role may be the perfect fit!

We are building the technology and community to guide a student on their education journey. We are solving the “I don’t know” problem that students and their families face each day with their education.

“I don’t know which school is best.”

“I don’t know how to get in.”

“I don’t know how to pay for it.”

“I don’t know if I have the grades.”

“I don’t know if my child will make it into their program.”

These are just a few of the “I don’t know”s of education. When a student comes into contact with GrantMe, our mission is to solve these problems for them and help them secure their future.

We’re one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, and we have assembled a team of high performers who are striving to be world-class in everything we do. We believe that we can solve student’s problems better than anyone else with our approach of combining world-class service, technology, data science, and personal development.

We are building a company where the same personal development systems and language that we coach our students to use is also implemented to improve our team. We are intentional about creating a brand and culture that are consistent all the way through, from our company leadership to our student service. GrantMe is a place where people come to do great work and to be surrounded by others who want to develop and push themselves.

Our strategy is to deliver great experiences and results to students so that they get great results and love the GrantMe brand. We then invest in automating and productizing elements of our service that improves the student experience while freeing up our team to do what humans do best, which is connecting with students and personally supporting them.

We work with a sense of urgency, and we like to do great work quickly. We also believe in direct feedback and constant daily improvement. If you’re the type of person who enjoys getting so passionate about your projects that you dream about them, then GrantMe is for you.

What does SASS stand for?
At GrantMe, our editors are called Student Application Support Specialists. This is because they go beyond regular editing to assist students in creating powerful applications. A SASS is integral to securing students’ dream schools, scholarships, and careers!

What do we do?

We build a student success team that works on top of our web application platform to empower students with the tools and skills to create a fulfilling future.
Our vision is to eliminate student debt by aggregating all the information they need to graduate debt-free and then using technology and student obsessed (user-centric) design to make that experience for students easy, fun, and empowering.
We offer information on scholarships and skill-building resources so that more students take effective action. We believe that most students could graduate from their top-choice school without debt if they knew it was an option and had simple instructions to follow. We're building the platform and team that is creating that for students.

Why work at GrantMe?

We have a unique talent pipeline. We identify the top students in our programs (the top students in Canada) and hire them into roles within the company. We do this to give them experience working in a start-up that they would otherwise not receive and because their perspective and energy makes us better. We are passionate about leadership and development, and this allows us to flex that muscle. If you enjoy being around the brightest rising stars, then this is the place for you.
We have a proven process. We have a determined structure for applying to and winning scholarships, applying to and getting accepted into top schools, enrolling students who are a great fit, and running and growing our business. The formula is unique, fluid and evolves daily, but it's not random guesswork here.
We have an "invigorating" energy and team culture. Everyone who works with us says that they feel invigorated working around others who are energized and on a mission. This can tire some people out, but if you're passionate and want to work around high-energy people, then GrantMe is for you.

If this sounds exciting to you, then please submit your application. We’d love to hear from you.

Your responsibilities:

Edit applications and assignments for both high school and university students for admission and scholarship applications. Example editing includes GrantMe assignments, resumes, cover letters, scholarship essays and post-secondary school applications.
Understand the ins and outs of university and college-level creative works, essays and business ywrdnfo.
et strict deadlines for essay revisions.
Is consistent in their editing across all student essays and assignments.
Work with shift leads to improve KPIs and essay editing metrics.
Take over the responsibility of ensuring dashboard metrics are accurate.
Report to shift leads if there for any questions and concerns.

We’re looking for people who have:

excellent written and verbal communication
great interest in improving and loves getting feedback
the skill of being relentlessly resourceful (You always find a way to get stuff done.)
the desire to learn and improve every day
the skill in easily navigating new software and learning on the fly and
mastery in efficiency and organization and the savvy to use technology to get things done quickly

Bonus points if you:

are well organized, with project management and time management skills
display effective communication abilities (both in speaking and writing)
demonstrate attention to detail and strong analytical and problem-solving skills
are eager to learn and respond well to feedback
have the ability to learn new tasks quickly and effectively
have the ability to learn new software and technology quickly
execute on tasks efficiently and with excellence
follow through on commitments
are a self-starter and can juggle several time-sensitive projects simultaneously with limited supervision and/or direction
enjoy working independently and collaborate well with a team to achieve collective goals

Your role:

This will be an on-call position with the opportunity for full-time hours based on performance.
You are a champion for student obsession (user-centricity) and have a personal connection to the challenges of being a student.
Editors whose availability and performance fit best with our students’ needs are given priority on eaeo.

te: This contract involves a six-week probationary period to assess fit. We’ll work together during that time to ensure you have all the tools you need to be an expert GrantMe essay editor.

How to apply:

Please complete this Work History Form (lsdxg://orrzgwcf.zjzbidiy.xum/pp/ACh0Slr8).

You will also have to edit the short essay below. Please copy and paste the essay into a Google Doc, make your edits in “Suggesting” mode, and allow ntkh.yolys@vqlizmu.ta editing access. Then, please send bigl.rudwo@vnmsxaq.og your resume and a link to the Google Ytw.

say prompt: Describe your most significant volunteer contribution. Why did you do it? How did it impact others? (Word limit: 300)

As a weekly volunteer at [name of organization], I have acquired priceless knowledge and wisdom through conversing with the seniors. They would often thank me for my visits without realizing how much I also benefited from our time tfbxkuia. Bh today’s modern society, our lives are constantly surrounded by our fast-paced occupations. The seniors I worked with helped me realize that these rapid lives we live leave us with little to no time to relax and enjoy the life we build for ourselves. One lady named [name] said to me, “[name] when you live here in this place you begin to gain respect for all of the things you could have done when you were younger”. This stayed with me, reminding me it is important to be focused on your goals but also to lead a balanced life which promotes mental well-being. When the pandemic struck, the Care Home suspended its volunteer program. This broke my heart. I missed hearing the senior’s stories and the positive feeling I got from knowing the joy my visits brought them. Knowing Mother’s Day was coming up, I started a project to bring a little happiness into the home despite visitors not being permitted. I designed handwritten Mother’s Day cards and purchased cases of flowers for each mother at [name of organization]. Planning for this project took a lot of time, however, knowing the positive impact that it would have inspired me to persevere. The lessons I learned through speaking with the residents will be with me forever. They taught me life is too short, so make every aksjnt count. I miss spending time with them, even if it was playing a simple game like Bingo, it was something that not a lot of people get the opportunity to have. These residents have little time left and knowing that the time I spent with them improved their quality of life has inspired me to do more within my community.

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