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Full Time


60,000-75,000/ depending on experience




Dec 28, 2020


We are looking for a SENIOR DEVELOPER with a proven track record in managing enterprise-level commerce and funnel development to join our growing team!

* IAmMarketing is a digital marketing agency that helps people who help other people.

* We help businesses that sell information products in the health, wealth or personal development niche, or sell anything through online marketing. We help our clients develop the proper strategies to bring their offers to market and increase sales, revenues and profits.

* As a developer on our team, you’ll be integral in creating offer funnels, optimizing and updating sales pages, and providing support from design to QC to live page support.

* Ideal candidates will have advanced experience and 5+ years experience managing a tech stack that includes - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,jQuery, Bootstrap, CMS knowledge (We use CBsplit), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Clickbank, responsive design and browser troubleshooting.

* Familiarity with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, InfusionSoft also an asset.

* Candidate should be able to take direction and critical feedback well and have exceptional attention to detail and exceptional time management to complete projects accurately and on schedule.

* Leadership experience is a huge plus, along with a great positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills. We are looking for excellent English speaking and writing skills.

* This is a high-accountability position, with detailed time tracking, reporting, daily and weekly KPI accountability to ensure our efforts together are successful and the company succeeds.

Responsibilities and expectations include but are not limited to:

* Developing sales pages, upsell pages, managing offer flow for our client websites using the tech stack above as well as third-party tools like Clickbank.
* Optimizing user workflows for conversion.
* Systematic approach to development, testing and troubleshooting, including cross-browser compatibility, responsive design and general website performance
* Experience developing and managing websites in all the necessary development environments including moving updates from dev>staging>live
* Excellent time management skills, with the ability to work and manage organic tasks and priorities within project deadlines.
*Attention to detail and an eye for design, including things like developing popups that are aesthetically pleasing, clean, responsive and intuitive.
* Strong written and verbal English communication skills.
* Strong desire to be part of a team that communicates well, produces high quality work, and is supportive of the company’s vision and mission (the work we do goes to support feeding families in need around the world).

Team Duties and expectations included but are not limited to:

* Meet weekly / monthly conversion and optimization goals.
* Participate in weekly marketing team meetings and others as needed during office hours.
* Communicate daily and update project manager on progress, delays, completions, and recommendations.
* Collaborate with leadership team on funnel strategy to ensure optimization and conversion goals are achieved, and high performance is maintained with increasing traffic.
* Work within a fast-paced environment where timeliness, accuracy, and quality of results are prioritized.
* Provide leadership to the growing development team, including advising Matt and Tyler on the technology and manpower needed to achieve our outcomes, scoping and managing development and server projects, providing accountability for quality and timeliness of work, and developing team members to support our effort.

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