Intelligent & hardworking eBay VA Needed- 1 yr Exp Preferred!

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Full Time


USD$3.50- $7.50 per hour (depends on experience)




Mar 05, 2022


**** please answer below questions, otherwise we will not read your reply***
1) Why are you interested in Ebay Account Manager?
2) What is your customer experience?
2.1) Do you have Ebay Seller Experience? if yes, how long? what is your experience with?
3) how many jobs do you have now?
4) Can you work full time? 40-50 hours a week?
5) Can you work from 12 or 1 am - 8 or9 am Philippine time? or ?PH time?
6) What is your long term goal?
7) how detail are you? give me 3 examples
8) how long was your last job? what happen to the last job?
9) What are the challenges or difficulties being a VA?
10) how is your internet connection speed?
11) how frequent do you experience power failure?
12) how familiar with cosmetics and beauty products?
13) Tell me about yourself and why should we hire you.
If possible, please introduce yourself in a video for 3 mins and why should we hire you (plus++)
you can upload your video to youtube.
14) What is your goal or motivation?
15) What is your pay expectation per USD?
16) what is your highest level of education?

15) Software/computer Skills:
a) Google spreadsheet (rate 1-10 & 10 being the best)
b) Google Word (rate 1-10 & 10 being the best)
c) Microsoft Team (rate 1-10 & 10 being the best)
d) Adobe photoshop or any graphic editing tool (rate 1-10 & 10 being the best)
e) Shipstation (rate 1-10 & 10 being the best)
f) (rate 1-10 & 10 being the best)
g) Paypal (rate 1-10)
h) Ebay (rate 1-10)
i) Ebay Listings (rate 1-10)
J) Product research (rate 1-10)

Thank you for your interest. We are a 11 year old US beauty company looking for a dedicated team of VA to help in our online stores support. We sell wide varieties of beauty and skin care products in USA and worldwide.

If you are motivated, teachable and willing to win as a team and please answer ABOVE questions.

Some Job Descriptions.
1) Manages eCommerce merchandising and coordinates content and digital asset uploads and ensures correct display.
2) Analyzes Amazon/Ebay or Ogrislr.xpf for under performing products and suggests content, reviews, pricing or merchandising strategies. Analyzes top sellers and applies best practices to other products where possible.
3) Work to identify and/or develop up-sell opportunities.
4) Constant site maintenance, management and change tactics to impact conversion rates.
5) Constant focus on reviews and relevancy on eCommerce Channel sites.
6) Full online ownership of how our product is presented, marketed and perceived.
7) Manage the day-to-day operations including product content, inventory availability, pricing and promotional activities in order to optimize conversion and revenue.
8) Customer Service - replying messages within 24 hours.
9) Manage Refunds and log into the system accordingly.

Customer Service & Admin Support
Customer Support
Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Research Admin Assistant
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