Web-based tool to select applicable sold, and buy it now eBay listings

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Aug 27, 2020


I need a tool, preferably written in node.js / mysql, but I will consider other languages or databases that can run on a linux server, which will help us price our products.

The way the tool will work is that it will display to the user a list of items matching a search (eg Red Hat) that either:

? Have sold on ebay in the past X days
? How many days should be able to be set by the user
? If the same item ID has sold many times, each one should be shown
? Are currently available for buy it now
? Available Buy it now items should only be stored once in the database

The User will go through the list deciding to accept or ignore each listing. If the listing is accepted, the following will be recorded in the database

? Item ID
? Listing Title
? Search Value
? Price
? Sale Date (null for buy it now)
? Accept Date

After a sold listing is accepted or ignored, it should never be displayed FOR THAT SEARCH again. For example, if the search term is "Red Hat" and a listing with "Hat with red and blue" is ignored, if that listing comes up again for the search term "Blue Hat", it should be displayed again.

After a buy it now listing is accepted or ignored, it should be shown again if the title or price has been altered or it has been more than a week since it was last shown to the user. If it is accepted again, that should overwrite the previous record.

With your bid, please include:
? Technologies you will use
? What date/time the final product will be delivered (While cost is important, this is more important)
? Total cost

* I will own all code

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