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$200 USD commission per hire




Aug 02, 2020


-Recruiter (you) = Making $200 every time a participant completes a research call (phone survey), that the recruiter sourced.

-Participant = Subject Matter Expert (SME) ( also called Industry Professional/Advisor/Consultant)
needed for their perspective/knowledge/insights/ideas.

-Zintro (us) is an expert network. = We provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for client research calls/projects.

-Client = Companies. Market Research, Management Consulting or Investment firm.

-Client asks Zintro for a specific type of participants for calls or a project.

-Recruiter reviews the project details. Finds the scmhlfdekdgq. Lbvites them to participate for the 30-60 calls for $200+

-Zintro screens, ranks, presents the participants to the client, schedules the calls, provides payment.

-2-8 new projects per week.

-Most projects end after 1-6 weeks.

-Zintro typically presents 6-12 participants to the client with 1-2 days.

-The recruiter is paid 2 weeks after the client pays Zintro.

-Global platform. All virtual/remote.

-Zintro is based in Boston, MA, US

-Staff located dj. Fwdia, Philippines, Argentina, Canada

-Clients want participants for calls or projects to learn. Businesses make better decisions with the data/insights they gain from the conversations with these participants.

-Recruiters source from professional networks, social media, resume boards/databases, ads, panels, phone calls, etc. Currently, the majority of success comes from LinkedIn messages and outbound emails.

We are Zintro is an expert network that helps companies affordably source and engage highly specialized experts (i.e. SMEs, KOLs, Industry DMs/Participants, Consultants) for market research interviews/surveys, diligence, and project work. Zintro’s 150,000+ on-platform experts span thousands of specializations across industry sectors and geographies. To supplement its expert pool, Zintro also provides fast & affordable custom recruiting and specializes in being able to source B2B DMs and other hard-to-source industry jaymbdsbmiib. Pv addition to sourcing experts, Zintro also handles screening, compliance-checking, scheduling, and paying experts.

Zintro, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based company founded by two-time entrepreneur Stuart Lewtan (olgqaoic.ehn/in/slewtan). Stuart conceived of Zintro while serving as an executive-in-residence at a prominent Boston VC/PE firm. At that time, he was using expensive Expert networks to source thought leaders and consultants to help diligence potential investment opportunities. Stuart hypothesized: “if someone could bring technology to bear on this problem set, they could effectively democratize the market by bringing the cost down and serving a much larger universe of clients and experts.” Moreover, by using a matching algorithm as a supplement to human recruiters, Zintro helps to uncover unique “alpha-generating” experts.
These benefits continue to be the core of Zintro’s current value proposition. However, Stuart also recognized another client need that Zintro could meet. Whereas traditional expert networks like GLG focused on one-hour phone consults, many of Zintro’s clients wanted the flexibility to engage experts for longer consulting projects and/or board-level or full-time positions. The Zintro platform is designed to serve these use cases (phone consults, projects, jobs) as a seamless continuum of “expertise products” that can be delivered by one expertise platform.

Zintro provides flexible pricing options including Pay-by-the-Call (phone consult, interview, focus group, etc.), Prepaid Retainer, Subscription or Project-based Pricing. Moreover, Zintro provides complete price transparency (itemizing expert incentive from recruiting fees) and offers a la carte service levels.

Zintro’s 300+ clients include PE/VC firms, investment managers, family offices, management consultancies, market research firms, and companies ranging from startups to Global 1000 enterprises. Zintro’s primary competitors are traditional expert networks and Zintro’s selling proposition is “get the same or better experts and service levels as GLG or Alphasights or Guidepoint for 30 -75% lower cost”.

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