2+ Year Exp| Senior Full Stack Developer | API Integration | Laravel|PHP | Codeigniter

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Part Time






Jul 03, 2020


We are an India-Singapore based SaaS & E-commerce company that has expertise in building software for E-commerce merchants, especially on Shopify. We are seeking talented and passionate full-time developers to assist us in full-stack development for a few projects we are working on.

Salary 700$/m 4.5 hours a day part-time.

Your activity will be tracked using a tracking app during your working hours.

Rather than giving you a skill list, we'd like to introduce what problem(s) you need to solve at this role (90% of your task type):

- Need to learn how Shopify App works, development (if you know already Great!)
- Fix Shopify App Bugs
- Need to R & D and conclude how much time will it take you to get the Feature custom code done, ready to commercialize.
- Fix Bugs on Any projects, that our company gets (of course you will get time to learn the platform, and we won’t be throwing anything on you blatantly :) )

& for most
- There are head developers already looking at your code and the things you do, so you have to be very neat and clean while writing the code, with proper comments and correct use of variables, logic.
- You have to come over a call every day before the day ends, explaining what you have done and how it was done, where you are stuck, so big guys can suggest and help you :) .
- You are free to take logic help or suggestion from head developers around

(Any improper reason will not be entertained like, that you haven’t been told, that you have to do this type or that type of code! Your task will be hard coding only. Period!)

Also, Besides, we'd like you need to commit the following:

- Excellent communication is crucial, as is the ability to identify issues and fix them quickly.
- Strong commitment to meet the tight deadline
- Highly ethic
- We execute things fast, we hope you are doing the same way
- commit 35-40 hours as a fulltime weekly.

What you should be aware of!

Exposure to database technologies such as MYSQL
3-5 years in LAMP/LEMP development and a proven track record of programming dynamic web applications that utilize a back-end database for persistent data storage.
High working knowledge of Wordpress and building custom plugins for commercial use.
Somewhere to work with a reliable internet connection, as this position is for a remote job.
Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3
Knowledge and experience with API development and integration (REST, SOAP or JSON-RPC) JavaScript & jQuery.
Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS.
Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.

SOLID Principles
* Authentication: Custom, oAuth (Laravel) & JSON Web Tokens
* VueJS - Used to develop powerful and interactive user interfaces when appropriate. SPA Mode
* Experience with Vue.js JavaScript framework
* NodeJs / ExpressJs / Adonis Js / Sailas Js
Experience with distributed version control (GIT)
Knowledge of basic command-line operations within a Linux/Unix based operating system.

To Apply

----> Please Include your portfolio and email to tpyzjehzf@myrmenbf.fbh
----> Please explain a troubleshooting case in your experience (WP or Shopify)
----> When you send an email put “Shopify Dev”, then your name in Subject, else will be ignored.
----> You will be asked a few questions depends on your portfolio

Web Development
Software Development / Programming
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