Line Artist for Coloring Books

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$150-300 per project




Jul 21, 2020


We are looking to hire 2 new graphic artists for our team! We are a company that produces coloring pages for adults. These would be theme-specific drawings that would have instructions on what to draw, for the purpose of producing black ink only coloring pages for adults and/or planner and journal pages with coloring elements. This is for a predominately American audience, so a strong understanding of English and of American culture/trends is required.

This position is on a project-by-project basis, where one project generally consists of:

20-30 Coloring Pages (black color only)
Ancillary Images
Files in PDF, JPG, format
Payment $175-250

10-30 Journal Pages in Black & White and Fully Colored
Ancillary Images
Files in PDF, JPG, PSD format
Payment $150-300

Artists are generally assigned 2+ projects per month depending on how long it takes to move through the projects. To start, artists are assigned just one project.

We adhere to strict deadlines on each of our projects, and pay between $150 - $300 USD for a completed and approved project, depending on the number of pages needed. We have daily check-ins and weekly work due; we do not pay for partially complete projects (we must have one artist complete the entirety of the project or will need another artist to redo the whole thing due to consistency)

Compensation is made via Paypal on Tuesdays. Artist is required to submit an invoice.

Employee Policies:
-All graphic work created by you is the property of the company. You may not use this work in any other way (other than as an example in a portfolio).
-We expect that during your first 30 days, you check in daily to let us know what you are working on for the day, even if you do not complete any project. After 30-days, this does not need to be daily, as long as you are meeting your deadlines.
-We expect you to be diligent in keeping to project due dates. This is a priority, and the reason our former graphic artists do not work out. If due dates are missed, projects will be assigned to another artist.
-You can take off whatever personal time you need, just keep your project due dates in mind, and communicate in advance if there is a problem
-We are here to help you if you get stuck on something. Please ask. We believe strongly in communication.
-We expect this to be a long-term working relationship.

If you are interested in this position, please reply with the subject line ‘pink bunnies doing pushups on the ceiling'. We would like you to submit a portfolio of your recent work with your reply, and please tell us why you think that working as a coloring book artist would be of interest to you. We are specifically looking for line art, book cover graphics, sketches, cartoons, etc - please do not show us images of pictures you edited in photoshop.

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