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Jul 01, 2020


Hi! My name is Wilson and I am an internet entrepreneur! I manage a couple of Wordpress/WooCommerce websites that focus on ecommerce sales and lead generation.

I am looking for someone that is very well-versed with Wordpress and WooCommerce development. If you can put any element in any place on a Wordpress website while also being compatible with existing plugins and code, then I am looking for you! You should be able to make any edits to any website without any conflicts or issues. You also know how to work with staging and live sites.

I would also need you to be able to develop and publish plugins. Part of doing this is being familiar with existing plugins and how we can possibly make a plugin that is coded much cleaner.

Lastly, I need you to maintain all of the websites. I currently use WPMUDEV Hub with all of the WPMUDEV pro plugins. You can manage all of the websites from there. You need to be an expert in site speed, security, database management, and website integrations.

If you have these skills, I highly encourage your to apply to be a part of my team! This is a high growth position where you can advance quickly within the company or develop lifelong skills to use in other teams/companies you may want to work for.

If you would like to apply, please respond with these items:

1. Please take this personality test. You will be a key part of my team and we will work together on a daily basis. I need to know if our personalities are a good fit. After you have taken it, please send me the LINK (the URL, the web address) to your results.


2. Please include a video to introduce yourself. I understand you may be shy, but the purpose of the video is to show that you can break through barriers and continue to grow outside of your comfort zone.

3. Please include your cover letter and/or resume.

Looking forward to your application and welcoming you to the team!

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