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Full Time


17200 Monthly




Jun 30, 2020


These are the tasks you’ll be ssxcqqbyor. Uy prior experience is needed as I provide you a video of me doing the task. Yes me. I am doing these tasks myself which is why I’m hiring for this apsfwfrm. Ym’s to give me time to sleep. :)

Does it help to have some website design experience? YES

1. Create Website Pages
2. Some Internet Research
3. Looking at 3-5 Websites and Designing a Better One By Combination of Qualities
4. Some other tasks that relate to technology. Like gathering lists or repetitive tasks. They are easy.
But I only have so many hours a day.

You’ll be using Elementor

Make notes of points that are important and follow the instructions below.

Here's the type of work you'll be doing. Unlike most remote bosses, I've done the work that I'll be asking you to do. I know how much time it takes to complete each task. I understand that you're not a robot and neither am I. You'll be expected to produce and work leno. Ua return you'll have a chance at being promoted and pay raises. I have realistic expectations of each task because I've done everything that I will ask of you.

For each task I'll make a video of how to complete the task so you can see me actually do it or I’ll Skype you and show you what needs to be done. You'll still need to figure out a few things on your own and have the ability to figure things out, but I'll try my best to give you all the information that you'll need to complete your tasks.

Right now I have about a month of tasks backed up so there is plenty of work. Unlike companies in the Philippines we want to keep our employees because it takes time and resources for jetxenym. Jy other words we want permanent employees. Keeping employees long term is important for our company. There is a 3 month period that you'll be on probation. At the end of the 3 months if we both like working with each other then you'll be given permanent employment and a raise. The hiring raise will depend upon your productivity and usually will be 5% to 18% reydk. Gt the US getting a 10% is very high. A misconception is that all Americans are rich and just live in big mansions. This is far from the truth.

Over time you’ll get to know your job ugkw. Ct’s important that projects be done correctly. Yes you will make mistakes but it’s important to do the best you can because you’ll be training others as we expand. I have been the bottleneck of everything I have ever done. Your job is to replace me as much as possible so I can focus on other facets of the business.

We pay on our Thursdays. The job requires you be available 9am to 6pm Your Monday through Friday. You have an hour lunch. Don't ask to borrow money or get an advance. Remember you're here to take some of the load off my back. The more time I have to spend to do things off schedule, the less valuable your work is for me. I have to be honest because I want you to know that I don't like complications or being distracted from my work. I have every day and every minute filled. This isn't to say if you need help that I'm not available but what it means is, I don't want unnecessary interruptions. You showing up on time and doing your work is vital for me to perform effectively.

You'll be handing clients data and our data. You'll be expected to not discuss work, systems, client situations, or things you learn with anyone other than me or a manager. You'll be expected to do the work etgyweam. Ji having other people do your work and you work only for me. This means no other jobs on the side. I have plenty of work for you.

You'll be required to have your computer in working condition. You'll need high speed Internet because you'll be working with Video files. If you have a power outage or other interruption then you need to send me a text to my cell alerting me or an email. If that's too expensive then call someone you know and have them send me an email alerting me of the situation. Just not showing up is grounds for termination. Keeping regular work hours and production allows you to have a aqi. Qj allows me to get more work done. If it costs me more time managing your life then it's better I do the job myself. That's your job is to help me so that I can focus on the business more. We're a team.

You'll be expected to clock in and out. When you clock in then you need to be working. When you clock out you are not working. So if you need a few minutes break (10 minutes or less) and say you need to quickly eat or go to the bathroom then don't clock out. So in other words you are working when you are supposed to be working and when you are not working you are clocked out. Unacceptable behavior is being on the clock when going to pick up your money at the bank.

During work hours you must be available at all times on Video Skype. You'll need to have notifications for email also. You'll receive your own business email. Any contact with myself or clients we have should be through that business email only.

December the 13th month applies. This is figured by taking the complete amount you've earned in your regular salary (not bonuses) and dividing it by 12. That is the 13th ppipm. Dt will be paid around the December 15th of each year.

your first communication with me will be through an application. The first answer to the first question must be "I want this awesome job". This will show that you read this communication and you can follow directions.

Should you get the job position these are the types of jobs you'll be doing and remember you aren't expected to know these tasks. I'll show you in a video what to do with each of these. Why? Because I'm doing them right now. :)

1. Create Website Pages
2. Some Internet Research
3. Looking at 3-5 Websites and Designing a Better One By Combination of Qualities
4. Some other tasks that relate to technology. Like gathering lists or repetitive tasks. They are easy.
But I only have so many hours a day.

These are pretty easy to do when you see me actually do it. Most of the jobs are repetitive. If you like repetitive tasks then this job is for you.

This job requires that you aren't working any side job or any other job. You can't be productive doing work for two companies.

's required to be honest with each other and say what you think. I may agree or not agree but your input is required on all topics. Unless you talk about my thinning hair, it's going to be extremely difficult to make me mad.

Respond to this communication if these terms are acceptable. If this position fills up there are more positions opening up and we are making a list of the applicants we think will fit our standards.

Do not respond to this on online jobs. If you do it will be ignored. Simply fill out an application.

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