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30.000 Php




May 16, 2020



My name is Huub and I am a Dutch entrepreneur, I sell products through Amazon and I teach people how to sell on Amazon.

Right now I am selling products in America but I want to start selling in Europe as well. The tax agent is now preparing everything so we can start selling asap in 11 countries in Europe. Over a couple of weeks, the first country is ready and I want to expand asap to Europe.

But I am so busy that I want to hire someone who can help me with the expansion to Europe.

So I am looking for someone who wants to join my team. The person needs to be excited about the job they're doing and to learn more. The person should be excited to grow with our company and to build a long term relationship with. I am not looking for someone to do some work for a couple of weeks. I want to teach and coach you and keep you in my company for a long time. Our company grows fast and I want someone who I can build on and trust. The person needs to be reliable. You will be taught everything you need to know, after that you will get your own tasks and you will finish them alone. If there are any questions you can, of course, contact me. If you are not disciplined and you need to get directions all the time you are not what we are looking for. We want someone who can work independently when he/she knows everything about the subject.

Does that sound like you and something you like?

Perfect! Then this is what you need to do: you will be taught how to search for products to sell on Amazon, how to set up listings, how to set up marketing. After that you will search for products, you will discuss them with me, if they are good you give the information to our sourcing partner in China and he will source and buy the products. You will be making the listings in the meantime. Then you will make the shipping plans and give that information to our sourcing partner so I can ship it to Amazon. When it arrives you set up the marketing.

So what you do is: searching for products, building listings, chatting with our sourcing partner, and setting up marketing. If you watch courses, read books, and watch/studies other material that can help you do this job even better you will be paid as well.

Finally, I am not your boss, I am a team player. I want that you gain as much knowledge about this subject as possible. You will be the 'account manager'. You will be focussing on your job only, you will become a true expert. And together we discuss how we can make even more progress. We will be a team and build a great company. Together.

When you are a true expert and our company keeps growing you will be able to hire more people and you can coach and help them. You would have the power to create your own team inside our company. If you prefer to stay on the background that is also okay.

Does this sound like you? Is this something you LIKE? And something you would be HAPPY to do? If not this is not your place. I want to hire someone that loves what they're doing. I want to hire someone who is happy to support our team and who thinks with our company how we can do everything the best way possible. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Enough talking, if you are ready to take this job, send me a message. Don't forget to include 'ready' in the subject, that way I can see if you really read this message. Explain in your message who you are, where do you live, how do you feel about your life, what sport do you do, which movies do you like, who do you look up to, and why this job is something you want to do. What is it that triggers you to support my team, what are your goals and which experience do you have. And which and how much hours are you available. I am selecting only top players, so make your story good.

I am looking forward to it, with kind regards.

Huub Knapen

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