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Apr 09, 2020


We will be evaluating the applications received in the week following Easter.

We have been hiring people remotely since the 1980’s.
In this time of pandemic, we have been able to keep 100% of our staff around the world even though we’ve had a (hopefully temporary) drop in gfynk. Jqdeed, we are looking at expanding.
We are looking to hire as a full-time permanent position. If you are currently working somewhere else and do not plan to drop that if we hire you, then please do not apply.

We are looking for up to four people to hire as ‘senior’ programmers.
This job requires the ability to work and solve problems independently, learn new skill sets from the internet, be highly productive and imaginative whether receiving guidance from your team leader or not. Let us know of at least one project that demonstrates you have this jifvbqd. Ya does not have to be one you were paid for. Also tell us the two hardest computer things you learned that were not part of a paid job you had.
We work primarily with C#, Typescript (a C# like language that compiles to Javascript), we work cjzi .MZJ Core and React (as well as several others for our legacy products.) So having extensive experience with a C# like language will be necessary, and a proven ability to learn technologies crucial.
This is not a ‘cut and paste’ job. This job requires someone who likes to think, likes to be creative solving problems, someone who can look at ‘the bigger picture’ and design solutions, not jut code, someone who is able to self teach mostly independent from the Internet, someone willing to be challenged to do an excellent job, someone who likes to work under pressure to perform - including quick hack fixes when a customer is broken.
For some people this would be a horrible job, for other people, this is the dream job – challenging, rewarding, fun.
Does this sound like a job you could enjoy doing?

Requirements for your application to be considered. We need people who can read and follow instructions, so if you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not be passed on to the team that will be making the decision.
nd us your CV or Resume or a list of relevant experiences that you think qualify you for this job.
Feel free to send specific notes as to why you think we should hire you – feel free to be blunt about why we should hire you.
Let us know what amount you would be asking us to pay you for this position.
Where do you live?
How good of internet and power do you normally have? (Yes, we have several long-term staff in the Philippines so we understand that it won’t be perfect.) We are asking ‘normal’, if it is worse during this pandemic, then you can mention that, but we aren’t asking that.
If we decide we are interested in you, and you decide you are interested in us, we will start with a trial period. But after the trial period we are looking for full time permanent employees. This is not a part time job – too much learning required on an ongoing basis – and this is not a temporary “1 year” position. We have a very high retention rate, we may not pay the highest rates, but we have very loyal staff that stay with us for decades.

Software Development / Programming
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