Senior Dietitian

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Full Time


$400-$600 USD




Mar 30, 2020


A leading nutrition software company with customers in over 100 countries is hiring a person to check the nutrition data entered by other data entry agents. This person will be responsible for checking all the data added by other agents and make sure the data is 100?curate and ready for our client’s use.

Daily Duties:--
1. Ensure our nutrition data is accurate. Check the work updated and added by other agents daily.
2. Inform the agent if there is any data entry error. Report to manager when errors are created and missed by agents in the system.
3. Train and teach agents if they make any mistakes in data entry.
4. Report any errors or bugs seen in the application.
5. Check and clean up data as needed on projects on an ongoing basis.
6. Provide daily reports and updates to management.

Type of Data collected and checked:-
We build and maintain a nutrition software that is used by healthcare professionals around the world for patient care in hospital, food service and universities. Our software has food data for example calories, sodium, salt, etc. for each food added to our database. It is very important for the data to be correct in our application before the client’s receive the software.

Skills required: -
1. A college degree in Nutrition or Food Science or anything related to these 2 and work experience a must.
2. Previous Quality Assurance, and Data Entry experience a must.
3. Very detail oriented, and highly organized.
4. Perfect or near perfect English.
5. Excellent verbal and written communication.
6. Able to multitask, fast worker, able to adapt to changing questions during the day.
7. Critical thinking skills a must along with excellent problem-solving experience.
8. Excellent leadership and decision-making skills.

This work requires you to work from your home during Philippines Daytime hours 7am to 5pm and will shift to 8am to 6 pm for daylight savings.

Hardware Requirements:
Processor should be 2.4 ghz and above, intel core 5/7 or equal is highly required
Ram should be at least 8 gig with 100 gb free disk space
A Headset with noise cancelling feature is a must, a quiet place for work
At least 10 mbps and wired connection for main isp
Access to consistent internet, including ideally backup generators if power is down.

If you are interested in this position please submit the following:-
1. Cover letter outlining why you are a good candidate.
2. An updated clear resume outlining roles and responsibilities at each position held.
3. The hiring process will include a couple of interviews, and previous work references.
4. Include in the title of your reply “ready to work”

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