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Full Time






Mar 28, 2020



Position: Accountant & Finance Manager
Location: Remote
Salary (Per Month): $1500 - $3000 Per Month
Contract duration: 3 Month Test + 6 Months
Company: Marketing Agency
Working hours: Flexible but overlap to European business hours is required

The correctly formatted Job Description can be found here: bkble://pdrj.esozwk.uou/gnqxdrha/s/4lrDMbexg7B9e2rt1NdacXGQN1tf47YxfP06rfPxZqwE/wnxb (The contents are identical to what is listed here)


Neovox, a Marketing based in Europe is looking to hire an Accountant & Finance Manager. Launched in April of 2019 we’re a small team currently catering to marketing needs of brands and public figures around the mzqrw. Ojom working with Startups, to Billion $ brands through to launching projects internally - we’re active in a number of different areas of marketing & technology.

We value heart, dedication and passion for your craft more than education. You must however be experienced or exceptionally talented to be selected for this position. Please add the word Victorinox in the subject of your application. We are looking for someone who lives and breathes finance, numbers, analysis and modelling.

itially your role will be in setting up and managing a basic foundation of financial operations. You’ll be given a lot of freedom to operate how you see fit - we are not simply looking for an employee. We are looking for a long term partner that will play a very important role in our Agency in the future.

Your role will be to manage all day to day finance operations at our Bkwadl. Yrom keeping up to date with our books, to running P&L & Cashflow forecasts through to communicating with our external accountants (Who talk to the tax authorities). We work internationally so while you are not expected to know all tax international tax laws we do expect you to be able to research these and apply them where necessary.

We are currently experiencing a strong level of growth hence this will be a diverse but also stressful position. You’ll be expected to pick up things quickly (With guidance of course) and be able to be proactive. We are not looking for someone to simply consolidate transactions on a daily basis. Softwares can do that. We are looking for a reliable, hard-working and sharp accountant / finance manager that can grow with us for the next 5+ years as an integral part of our company.

If you are looking for a position where processes and systems have already been finalized, where everyday is constant and where everything is organized in an orderly fashion - this position is not for you. We strive to get there one day and are looking for the right person to partner who can fill this role and become an integral part of the team.

You must have experience in an accounting and finance position and you must be fluent in English for this position.

This is a full time position ONLY.

**Roles & Responsibilities**

*Daily consolidation of our P&L
*Ensuring transactions are being recorded accurately and passed on to various accounting systems for further analysis
*Troubleshooting with our external accountants when problems arise (Missing receipts, unclear expense category)
*Forecasting different financial models (Cashflow, P&L etc. etc.)
*Using various online tools to consolidate, analyse and verify transactions (Quickbooks, Shopify, Transferwise, PayPal etc.)*
*Categorising and uploading receipts
*Keeping track of deadlines (Tax authorities, dispute resolutions etc.)

**Skills & Qualifications**

*Self-starter that can figure things out themselves
*C2 level English
*Experience using online accounting tools (Xerox, Quickbooks, Freshbooks etc.)
*Ability to become familiar with new tools quickly
*Previous long-term experience in a finance role is preferred - any experience in finance is needed
*The equivalent of a licensed CPA in your Region
*Experience in international tax law would be useful but is not necessary
*Ability to work accurately under pressure

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to your application.

**Apply for this job**

To apply for this position please follow the instructions on the original post.

As part of your application please include a cover letter touching upon the following points (along with any other information you believe adds value to your application):

*What do you think is the most important part of Finance in a Startup?
*What’s an opinion you hold in regards to finance and accounting that many people disagree with?
*What do you love about accounting / finance?
*What finance project are you most proud of? What did you do there?
*What do you think is the most important aspect of a company?
*What do you like to do in your free time?

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