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Dec 19, 2019


We are looking for fun, creative, quality, and driven team members to join our accounting team. We service multiple family owned companies. You would work with the owners to make sure accounting online statements, crm, payments to vendors and deposits are all tracked.

Please let us know what accounting software(s) you have experience with.

If you're interested, let us know what interested you the most about our post. We look forward to hearing from you.

Make sure to tell us about yourself. What you're good at? Do you have a background in any prior businesses? What areas are you strong in and what areas could you use a little support? We want to know what makes you happy because we run a family type environment. ***Plenty of team members actively working with us from the Philippines testimonials are available. Our goal is to triple our team in 2020!***

We are industry agnostic (meaning we work across many industries). Prior Accounting experience is needed. CPA is a plus. You need to come with ambition to succeed and ready to work on multiple projects.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to (depends on what you are hired for):
- Research Businesses and Business Models (fee structures, timelines, etc.)
- Enter/Edit Information into our project management CRM
- Work with big pools of data (excel based for the most part) and manipulate to get results and answer deep business questions.
- Answer phones and answer questions and make phone calls.
- Schedule appointments for yourself and in some cases others (manage you own schedule)
- Call vendors and price matching and prior expenses analysis.

- Able to work 8AM-4PM Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles Time) Monday - Friday (If you're also available on weekends let us know).
- Fluent English (Spanish is a HUGE plus)
- High Level Computer Skills (Works quickly without a loss in Quality)
- Detail Oriented
- Highly Organized
- Efficient
- Work without instruction (A project is given to you and you figure out it out)
- Honest
- Punctual
- Reliable
- Must be in good health

Please send your resume with the subject line of your dream position. Applications without this heading/subject line will be immediately declined.

puter Requirements
Computer Speed: Intel i3 Minimum Intel i5 or Higher preferred

Ram: 4GB Minimum 8GB or Higher Preferred

Hard Drive/Solid State Drive: 60GB Minimum Available

Software: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office (At least Outlook, Word, and Excel)

Monitors: We would like staff to be working on dual screens due to productivity increase. Laptop Requirements: 13 Inch Minimum 15 Inch preferred and additional plugin monitor (preferred) Desktop Requirements:

Timing Requirements
Hours: American Hours 8AM-4PM Pacific Standard Time.

Lunch: Unpaid - Many people like to not take a lunch and opt for leaving earlier.

Paid Time Off: None

Holidays: Must observe American Banking Holidays.

Utility Requirements
Internet: 5/mbps Download, 1.5/mbps Upload. Must have access to consistent internet

Cell/Data Package: In case of outage must have a way to be able to contact us and keep us informed.

Power: Must have access to consistent power or have a backup generator

Personal Requirements
Language: English (American)

Personality: Willingness to learn, creative, open to fast pace, wants to learn more about real estate and real estate loans (mortgages), open to project management, must be on the phone with banks and eventually clients, prepare and audit documents

Skills Requirements
Typing Speed: 40 WPM

Finance & Management
Accounting Bookkeeping Financial Analysis
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