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Dec 17, 2019


***This is not your standard job posting - You are required to complete an in-depth application process - We are only looking for Rockstar employees.***

Full-time Operations Manager position working for a fast-growing e-commerce business that sources, develops, brands and sells popular products direct to consumers. We mainly sell on Amazon, Walmart & Shopify.

You're going to be in charge of managing projects and will be responsible for working with other team members and freelancers to deliver successful projects. BUT, you need to be self-motivated, resourceful and willing to get into the trenches and help out, so you can help complete missing parts of the process and deliver the project.

You will be working remotely full-time from your home. So you must have a strong reliable internet connection and a relatively new laptop or desktop computer (Windows-based). As most of the team is based in Asia, you will need to work during the day.

This full-time position will make you grow, learn, and will challenge your skills. Unlike other boring corporate jobs, this is an opportunity to be part of a high-performing team of 'A players' who make things happen, push projects to successful completion, and do meaningful work that is reflected out in the marketplace.

**Who are we looking for?**

1. Obsessed with precision and detail

2. Organized w/ Great ability to follow through.

3. Impeccable written English - And enjoys writing Standard Operating Procedures

4. Can follow systems/checklists for a flawless execution of tasks

5. Resourceful, someone who can make things happen without needing hand-holding at every turn

6. Pride in your work.... Can't sleep until something is done perfectly.

7. More technical, less corporate…. You need to understand why and how things work before you can make them better!

8. Someone who is seeking to be part of something special, to have their work mean something important.

**Who are we NOT looking for?**

1. Corporate Casey – If you love the 9 to 5 grind, this is NOT for you.
2. Laid Back Lucy – Grab your phone as soon as your boss turns his back? Do NOT apply
3. Fresh Faced Franky– Just Graduated? Great? But sadly we need some experience for this role.
4. Hand Holding Harry – Sorry, this is NOT for you
5. Inside the box thinker? Errr… Nope!

**What's In It For YOU?**

Working with a fast-growing E-Commerce business will be the single most useful education you could get. You'd literally be getting paid to learn how to build e-commerce brands and grow them.

For example, you might be asked to come up with a new product line for us to release in our e-commerce store. You'll be learning firsthand how to research and conceptualize product ideas that we will actually manufacture and release out into the marketplace. Where would you ever learn that in school? :-)

Negotiable - We pay very competitive rates, this is not some low paying, $500 a month, role.

This position will commence in January 2020 – So you will have time to enjoy the holidays, before starting 2020 as part of the A-Team.

**Next Steps**
We will be making our interviewing and hiring decisions over the next couple of weeks, and we will only be accepting applications for a limited time. If you are interested, please apply directly here:


NOTE: All applications must be made via the above link.

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