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Dec 13, 2019


Hola Muchachos,

I am Chris, and I am running a small-medium Print on Demand Business from my warm and confy beanbag. As Sales have been increasing over the past few months (praise the Christmas Season <3) I am looking for 2 new Designers to push it to the next level together.

- I am looking for a full-time Designer (30-40 hours / week) for a long time business relationship
- All your Designs are drawn by yourself (Never ever reuse oder edit an existing Design from another Designer, stutterstock e.g!!!)
- You are great with Photoshop, Illustrator or any other related softwar
- You have a basic understanding of Trademarks (Don't copy the Mc Donalds or Nike Logo or Claim)
- Be Responsable!! I am usually very hands off and let you do you. You can work when you want, as much you want. As long as the quality of your work is great and you are professional workwise, i don't mind you beeing silly as well.
- It'd be great if you would be able to speak basic-advanced english since most of the Designs and all my instructions are in english.

Because I am looking for a long-time Designer salaries graded according to length of service.

I'll pay 5.00 $ per Design
+ Christmas Bonus (after 6 months and at least 100 Designs)
+ Bonus (for Designs that sell exceptionally well)

My current Designers who work with me for 1-3 years now each make around 500.00 - 750.00 $ a month (spreading the christmas bonus etc. over 12 months)

In oder to find the right candidate i'll be asking each applicant to provide 1 or 2 specific Design samples wich i fully pay for. Please only apply if you are agree to all the conditions. :)

If you are cool with the conditions and understand everything written above please reply with
the word: “Designer Beyond Compare” in your Headline of the application.

Feel free to include your portfolio.

I am looking forward to your application and hopefully new Members for the "Chris Crew" (we might need to change that Name to something less lame :P)



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