Marketing VA Guru Wanted, (SEO, SMM, Products)

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Full Time






Nov 29, 2019


My business is growing and I’m looking for a partner, I want someone who wants to look after my online webshop with me as if it was is own. We will work closely together for all different kinds of tasks that belong to running the website.

Main task will be

Writing content about watches, writing product descriptions, writing blogs, writing in communities, writing writing writing. Your English must be fluent and perfect!! You will also run the Social Media Campaigns

40 hours a week

Salary will start with (2.50 USD p hour) But, since you will be my partner in the field if business goes well your salary will also go up.) So there will be protentional for progress in your career (with increased financial rewards, training, development and opportunities to run parts of the business in the future

Please ensure you read all guidelines in full before you answer

Salary: Varies on hours worked as per above - responsibilities will increase over time

Tasks include:

• Social media support - lots of opportunity to add value and develop your skills further Facebook, Instagram, Linkdin
• Research
- writing! SEO product desciptions, website content, linkbuilding
- Basic Video & Photo editing
- Creative Writing (blog, articles about watches)
- Email marketing
- Forum participation
- Creating backlinks
- Flexibility all tasks can come up

Basic Requirements:

• At least 2 mbps stable internet connection ( a speed test must be taken here: )
• Working computer/ Laptop (add model and year in application)
• Minimal to no power outage in the area
• Valid NBI Clearance
• 2 valid government IDs

Minimal Skills required:

• Excellent organizational and research skills
- Fluent & Excellent written English
Some knowledge about SEO and creative writing
- Photo & Video editing Basics + software (Add to application which one you are using
- Proactive, enthusiastic self-starter
• Able to work with minimal supervision
• At least 40/WPM typing speed with 90%+ accuracy
• Adaptable to change
Able to communicate via Skype

If you have experience with, google analytics, facebook marketing, Shopify, affiliate marketing, simple or complex website coding or anything else! Let me know in your Resume.

Application process:

Please open your email with the Tagline:

Hello I would love to work with you, in Tagalog

add some of your previous writing works, and links to blogs, etc you wrote.

Please send your resume to Lwrakxqpui3@fergm.cyd. Qjrlqr add the subject as "Personal V/A" tell me a little bit about yourself how much time you have for the job, experience, and something you like to do. I don’t want to work with someone without an opinion if you have ideas or suggestions I want to know. So be open

After the applications, I would like to do one Skype conversation to see if we are on the same page, after that you can start working immediately

Thank you.

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Marketing & Sales
SEO Email Marketing
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