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Nov 07, 2019


I am developing a site devoted to running retargeting ad campaigns for website visitors. My platforms will be Facebook and Google Display/Search.

This is a long term position starting at the end of Mygjwzms. Wuitially part-time on an ad hoc, job by job basis, to expand as the site is promoted. You will be creating new campaigns and managing ongoing ones.

We exercise extensive A/B testing of images/headlines/copy, so good skills in those areas.

I am looking for an expert in Facebook Ads, Google Display and Search. Specifically, ads aimed at custom retargeting audiences, whether that be reminders, special offers or whatever solutions you have come up with to tempt previous website visitors to return & buy. Knowledge of email retargeting (abandoned carts, new offers, etc) and autoresponders would be an advantage.

The site will be actively promoting retargeting services to small and local businesses like dentists, gyms, restaurants, etc. to increase sales/conversions/leads, etc. Each niche has it's own solutions, so outline any work you have done in this field.

You should have expert knowledge in not just generating creatives, but also Facebook Ad Manager and the Google Ads interface.

Must be able to provide case studies detailing the:
sites/products involved and your remarketing solution, whether it was Facebook, Google Search or Display Ads or Email. I’ll need examples of your retargeting solutions for different business types, ad examples and preferably some measure of results.
Any written testimonials or endorsements from the employer.

Your case studies will be placed on the website in the relevant section.

Please, can you let me know if you’re available and interested? If you are, please respond with 3 examples of your best work, specifically with retargeting.

When it comes to A/B testing ads, which do you test 1st, 2nd, 3rd? Headlines, copy, images?

As the job will be paid hourly to begin, what is your hourly rate?

How long have you been doing Facebook / Google ads?

Please send a link to your onlinejobs.ph profile.

Please write a paragraph on why I should hire you. I don’t want to know about how dedicated or hardworking you are, I want to know why I should hire YOU.

Please include the word ‘Daisy’ in your response subject line.

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