Paid Ads Manager

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$5-8 per hour subject to experience and performance




Nov 06, 2019


IMMEDIATE HIRE: Digital Media Buyer/Paid Ads Manager-
Must Be Analytical, Strategic and Creative.
Get Bi-weekly pay + Bonuses + Free Learning Courses - working with an international team.

Job Description:

Our Digital agency is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Paid Ads Manager / Media Buyer who can help shape and drive marketing strategy for the company across all relevant platforms.

sired Applicant Skills and Qualifications:
1-2 years solid experience in digital marketing specifically Facebook & Instagram.
Experience in Google Display, YouTube Ads and LinkedIn would be helpful.
Must have skills in digital marketing, marketing strategy, conceptualization, reporting & analytical thinking
Strong organizational skills to effectively manage multiple projects at a time
Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communications skills
Is able to work autonomously and independent
Possess strong technical understanding of programmatic/audience buying
Google Btvegpk and Facebook Blueprint Certification would be of great help
Aggressive - competitive and growth-oriented
Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture
Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative

Job Duties:
Ownership of the conceptualizing, implementation and executing end-to-end marketing campaigns to drive business growth
Execute and maintain digital media campaigns across a variety of digital media channels including split testing, retargeting and other tactics.
Strong knowledge about the strategies required to win market share, in relation to our clients’ products/services, traffic acquisition and growth tactics
Identify, evaluate and assess strategic business opportunities in industry related market/data research and trends and platforms
Conceptualize, organize and maintain campaign online and offline campaign initiatives
Regularly monitor and analyze performance metrics of marketing campaigns and build processes of increasing efficient return on marketing spend through a data-driven decision making
Develop media plans through research and recommendations
Gather, organize and present competitive research and spending data
Work hand in hand with the Client Engagement and Content teams
Reporting on the achievement of campaign/project KPIs and goals

Desired Characteristics:
Creativity and attention to detail
Ability to work under deadline pressure
Organization to manage their time efficiently
Flexibility and good listening skills
Energy and determination
Ability to communicate well
Can follow instructions
Honest and reliable
Can solve problems
Excited to learn new skills
Looking for long-time engagement and relationship

Compensation Plan:
Performance bonuses for great work
13th-month bonus for overall achievements
Pay raises awarded based on performance
For every month you work, you will receive one paid day for sick/vacation leave (12 days per year) after 3 months of probationary period
Access to worldwide recognized courses

Send an email to mufmmlywesz@wtlixayybumq.wt.yw with the subject: I want to be your next Paid Ads Manager!
Attach your CV
Introduce yourself - 10 sentences max and why you want this role
Complete the form questionnaire you will receive upon sending the above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you send the email you will receive a response from us with a link to a form with a questionnaire. Please complete all the questions in the form. Forms that are not completed or only partially completed will not be considered for this position. During this application process, please write 42 as your age in the form.

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