Experienced frontend developer for lifelong learning website (Bootstrap, Sass, Github) - 4h/day

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6-8 USD/hour




Feb 02, 2020


Are you passionate about web development and lifelong learning? With trickle.app we are building a platform for lifelong learning and would like to find a skilled and reliable frontend coder to help us with the ongoing development of our web app.

# Summary

- Workload: 4 hours per day (long term partnership)
- Technology: Sass, Bootstrap, JQuery, Wordpress
- Collaboration: Github (code), Asana (tasks), Abstract (screen designs)

Trickle is a website that makes lifelong learning effortless. Curate the best knowledge from sources around the web, write down your insights and pass them to a community of lifelong learners. With Trickle, knowledge comes in drips, bite-sized knowledge that can easily be consumed in downtime throughout your day. It makes it easy to build a learning habit, that helps you to learn anything. Find the beta version on the web at trickle.app, create a free account and learn how Trickle works with this stream: https://trickle.app/stream/14620-how-trickle-works/

After hiring already three great team members via this website, we are looking for an experienced front-end developer to take the code from our web beta version to the next level. The existing Bootstrap/Sass-based code gets the job done but we identified several areas of improvement, e.g. making the code more modular and easier to maintain, optimizing performance, etc. That’s why we're looking for someone with a passion for high-quality frontend code that is interested in a long term project.

You would takeover the existing code base in Github and start to add functionality and optimize the existing code for clarity and performance. We use Abstract to provide screen designs with assets in an inspect view (similar to Zeplin). The code for trickle.app is maintained on Github where we develop and apply the stylesheets to static example content. From there our skilled backend team (based in the Philippines) takes over and implements the styles into the template of our learning management system based on Wordpress.

We are looking in particular for skilled HTML/CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript skills and experience with high quality projects and performant code. A good understanding of the Github workflow is just as important as a feeling for elegance and maintainability of code. An important part of the project will be to break the existing code down into modules that can be loaded only when they are needed.

We are a remote company and communicate in English via Asana and Slack. One of our founders lives in Berlin and the other in Munich. We work with developers, designers, writers and researchers in many countries, including Poland, the Philippines, UK, USA, and many more. We call ourselves Beautiful Company (https://beautifulcompany.de/) because we want to create fair and meaningful culture combining a good life with doing our best work to make a difference to the world. See more about our mission here: https://beautifulcompany.de/mission/

Does this sound like the right challenge and environment for you?

Then please reach out :)

Important: we are aware that it is a challenge to reply to job offers with a tailored response. But please understand that we will take the relevance and content of your first message as a strong indication of how well your profile fits our demand. *Please excuse that we won't reply to generic messages that do not address specifics of our job description.* So do respond only if you think that you are a strong candidate for this job and please invest some time and attention in the answer of the following questions (a short paragraph for each is enough):

1. Please have a look at trickle.app and investigate the stylesheets. Please name at least one thing that is well done and one thing that you would improve as soon as possible?
2. How would you approach the task to extend this code? Can you develop the existing styles further?
3. How do you rate the responsiveness of the page? What would you improve?

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