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Part Time






Feb 12, 2020


Looking for a Writer who can follow a simple set of tasks related to writing fun short stories,

The position will be 20 hours a week, and if we work well together hopefully for years to come (:

The next writer to join our team needs to be an experienced, talented, someone who can follow instructions, give their personal feedback, and recommend creative ideas.

The writer will be expected to write the following each day. ( Once fully trained and up to speed. I understand it takes some time getting used to a new job).

Write 6 - Possible Titles for a youtube video. There will be two Videos a day so we will need 3 possible titles each ( up to 50 characters each)
---> Examples xdlna://xls.knqwdtm.gis/enfiu?k=Wdl4o3imN7z | nrlgb://zwx.cpkjxcn.liw/fssjd?d=yNmk0gKOXVU | zurxx://hhg.ektqspv.lif/pldcy?o=dEY7b750Oe9

Write 2 - Shortened Titles. This is justing taking a Youtube title you have already made and Making it 6 words or less.

Write 2 - Descriptions for a youtube video (About 100 characters)
-------> This will be a short description of the video on youtube. Look at the links above to understand what they may look like.

Write 6 to 10 - Answers to a question. To write these answers you will pretend to be a different person and come up with a short story about 75 to 125 words long.
----> Examples of some questions -

Example 1: What should we stop teaching young children? ANSWER: One thing we should stop teaching our kids is That children should always do what they're told. If they're uncomfortable, or scared, or truly believe what they're being asked to do is wrong they should be taught it's okay to stick up for themselves.

Example 2: Dear High School Teachers What is the most awkward position a Student has put you in? ANSWER: The most awkward thing I had to start doing as a High School PE Teacher is dressing badly and stop shaving. I look like a male model and all the girls in my class would get fake injury notes so they could just hang around nk. Yx was awkward and I hate not shaving but Injury notes have gone down 80 percent.


- Fluent in English
- Excellent grammar.
- Excellent Communication Skills
- A sense of humor

We will provide a PAID week test period where we will see if we work well together, get you some training, and if you are capable of the task.

If this sounds like you, reply to this job post with:
1.Skype ID and Best Email to Contact you on.
2. Give me a short 50 to 100-word made-up answer to the following questions
2A - Hotel Employees: What's the most insane thing a guest has asked you for?
2B - Parents, what's the funniest reason you've been called into school to collect your child?
3. What is your expected hourly rate?
5. A link to a video from your favorite YouTube creator that showcases the style of videos you enjoy watching most!
6. Visit the website speedtest.net and perform the internet speed test. Share a picture of the results for both upload speed and download speed.
7. Add ''I follow instructions'' as the title of your message to let us know you pay attention to details.

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