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Full Time


PHP 25,000 a month




Oct 28, 2019


We are looking for a very experienced writer to join our team, but we are looking for more than just experience, we are looking for a writer who has specific experience in writing compelling copy.

Salary (with a review in 90 days): 25,000 PHP a month, payable by PayPal.

If you would like to be considered for this role, we would like you to engage in a very simple project so we can see the way you think, as well as the way you write.

First, we will frame the scenario for you.

The way a large part of lead generation works these days is by placing ads (Google Ads, Facebook, etc) to attract prospects (either consumers or businesses, whomever you are targeting).

The person/prospect who clicked the ad then ends up on a "Landing Page." Generally, these landing pages are giving something away for free in exchange for the prospect to "opt-in" to the list that this business is building.

So, in this test, we would like you to come up with a subject. Any subject you'd like, from grooming horses, to building a house...anything. Your choice.

Imagine that your company has placed an ad in Google or Facebook to drive traffic to this landing page. You want prospects to arrive on this landing page, and you want them to "Opt-in" for a free PDF on your subject.

What would you write on this page? How would you encourage them to opt-in?

Ok, now that you have written your Landing Page to get these prospects to opt-in, imagine that you have a product that you sell.

the case of building a house, let's imagine that your fictitious PDF was all about the 7 things you need to have in order to properly build a house (you are not writing the PDF, you are just writing the simple landing page to get fictitious people to opt-in for your fictitious PDF).

Imagine that you have a webinar that teaches folks that are interested in building a home the exact steps they need to take to build a house.

As soon as they "OPT-IN" for your PDF, they are now on your list and you have the means to communicate with them via email.

We want you to write a simple 3-part email sequence to get them to come to a webinar... so they can learn the exact steps to build that house.

So, you are going to write a Landing Page to get folks to opt-in for a free PDF. Once they are opted in, you are going to write a 3-part email sequence to get these folks to join you for a webinar... so they can learn all about how to "build the house."

Again, choose any subject you'd like.

So, the output from you will be 4 things:
1. Landing Page copy to compel people to opt in for a free PDF
2. Email 1, inviting them to join a webinar, to get even more information on how to do what they learned a little bit about via the PDF
3. Email 2, for those that have not yet registered for the Webinar
4. Email 3, for those that have not yet registered for the Webinar

We want the output in a Google Doc. Make sure sharing permissions allow anyone to view the document.

When you’re done, send an email to fcdinnj.bp@ezcsg.kbi, use Copy Writer Position - NAME as the subject of the email, or else your submission will not be taken into consideration.

the email, attach your CV in pdf format and a link to your output.

lected applicants will receive a reply via email with further instructions for their interview schedule.

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