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Nov 28, 2019


I run PetHonesty, a pet wellness eCommerce brand focused on making dogs healthier and owners happier.

Our business is growing tremendously right now, and we’re looking for a customer care & marketing assistant to add to our team. We envision growing with this person and seeing them become one of our main marketing assistants and customer service leads!

This person must have a basic understanding of eCommerce marketing along with passion for providing outrageous customer service.

The winning applicant must absolutely have the following:
- Reliable high-speed Internet access
- Webcam-equipped computer for occasional Skype Call

The winning applicant must absolutely have the following characteristics:

- At least 2 yr Experience with Customer Service--bonus for experience in Emailing/FaceBook Messaging customers.
- Comfortable using a CRM
- Previous experience in working on Amazon Seller Central, Facebook and Shopify
- Experience using ManyChat, Zapier, Landing Pages, etc...
- Ability to draft up marketing analytics and reports
- Very detail-oriented
- Deadline-obsessed
- Friendly and great with people
- Comfortable emailing/messaging strangers
- Comfortable dealing with upset customers
- Tech-comfortable
- Create Customer Service Log in google spreadsheets
- Fluent in English, both written and spoken
- Comfortable logging details in spreadsheets
- Trust-worthy, communicative and reliable

We would like this person to work full-time. It is important to note that the work hours are not limited to 8 hours per day, that is simply the minimum. Your work hours will depend on how efficiently you can work. You will be required to work normal business hours along with 1-2 hours during Saturdays and Sundays to take care of any marketing campaigns and customer issues throughout the weekend.

We are dedicated to finding the right person with the right set of skills and right attitude for the job. If you think you have the 3 most important values that we’re looking for, we’d like to get to know you more!

The winning candidate will go through a 30-day trial wherein we’ll further assess if you’re a good fit for the company as well as if it's a good fit for you.

For our company to grow, everything must run on checklists / working procedures. You will be expected to:
- Follow step-by-step procedures that already exist
- Make suggestions on how to improve checklists (when you see legitimate improvement opportunities - I may say yes or no)
-Be able to grasp how the procedures are done, and be able to compose a procedure when asked to.

Projects you'll be involved in include:

- Create ManyChat Flows, update Zapier connections and manage landing pages
- Responding to customer messages, ensuring the customer is always happy by giving refunds or sending replacements when necessary
- Deal with negative feedback and reviews by following up with the customer to make the situation right, and trying to keep the company’s reputation intact
-Answer public and private customer questions about our products and company
- Various other customer care/outreach tasks, and administrative tasks
-Updating Spreadsheets
-Other Miscellaneous tasks

- Starting as soon as I find a qualified applicant; next few weeks would be nice, although I'm not going to rush the process. I need the right person in this position
- 30-day trial to begin; if we like each other we'll continue

- $600-$800/month


You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

Please include the link to your Facebook account
Please provide email address and phone number for future interviews
Description of previous customer service experience. (3 sentences)
Description of previous marketing/campaign experience. (If you have experience with Zapier, ManyChat and Landing Pages please add those here) (3 sentences)
Reason why you think this job is a fit for you. (3 sentences)

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