Pro Video Editor For Facebook Ads Video Marketing

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Part Time


$5 Dollars Aud Per 40-60 sec video job




Oct 11, 2019



Looking for a professional video editor who can make 30-60 sec videos for marketing physical products on facebook. You should be good at finding videos on the internet, you will find multiple videos of A product and cut and paste the best bits to make a good video that converts people to make them want to buy that product once they see your amazing video, only having video editing skills is not enough. you must know how to show off that product to make the customer want to buy the product with a marketing aspect. So showing the issue that exists and how that product will solve that issue is the type of videos we are looking for. so you should be good with writing very engaging subtitles for each scene. You will be shown 4 video examples that have been done just the way we want it, using those 4 examples you must make videos similar to the examples.

the first few seconds of a video needs to be attention grabber. so the customer does not scroll past the video, the first 4-5 sec needs to grab the attention of the viewer so they keep watching, after that you compile about 5 to 6 fast paced (fast forwarded) scenes demonstrating the issue and how the product solves that issue, each of those 6 clips will have some short subtitles explaining the scene at the bottom of the video. (Similar to what you see on facebook and the example videos which we will provide). In our examples you will see how our other video editor writes short but informative subtitles for each scene and how they compile each scene to tell a story of how a product can solve a problem that the customer might have. also From each video you compile you will take a few screen-capture for the thumbnail, the thumbnails needs to be clickbaity and make the customer want to click on it and it should draw their attention.

The pay is $5 dollars Aud per job. The music you will use is free music from YouTube library. put the words five dollars in the titles so we know you followed our instructions to read the whole job pmah. Jk order to see if you are able to do this job, you have to create one trial video 30-50 sec video for us, you will not be paid for this single video as this is a trial and we want to see if you are able to create the videos that we want. you will be given a name of a product and you have to search up the internet and source videos of it online and compile the best bits to make a marketing video. If you provide a great video like the 4 examples shown, you will be hired.

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