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Full Time


$5 per hour ($800 per month)




Nov 05, 2019


We have been around for 20 years building WordPress websites and implementing digital marketing packages. So we have a lot of client documents that need editing, blog graphic to make, brochures of what we do to polish up, checklists that we must update with screenshots, and so forth.

We use the standard Adobe suite, though most of our guides are via InDesign.

Join a team of 4 other designers who have been with us a few years, are fun to work with, and respect the value of family. Three are in the United States and one is in Romania.

Because we have so many clients, we have to constantly keep them updated. So the most important skill you can have is strong communication and organization skills to be on top of your email, Teamwork (our project management system), and Slack (how we primarily communicate).

If you're looking for a great team to be a part of for years to come, we want to hear from you!

Please share your portfolio, why you want to work for our company, and include "Hedgehog" in the subject line, so we know you're paying attention. If you submit an unpersonalized response, it will get ignored.

If you can edit video, even better, since we have many videos and interviews that we produce, which we need to chop up into smaller bits, categorize, and load into our training system.

If you know WordPress or HubSpot, that's a plus, too, since our company builds all sites on WordPress and uses HubSpot for marketing automation.

But if you don't know these tools, that's okay-- we will train you.
We believe attitude is more important than current skill, since we hire for the long term.

You must have strong written English, since you'll be working with our training guides and other documents.

And you must be a good team player, since we like to go through many drafts to get our materials just right. To show us you can communicate, also make a one minute video that reflects a pro-level understanding of what Design Extensions does. You can prepare by writing bullets, but do not read the words to your camera. We're looking for communication skills, not the lighting or how nice your hair is.

We prefer someone who has experience managing a team, but we'll train up a junior person, too.

Skills required:
• Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
- Admin Assistant
• English
- Writing
• Graphics & Multimedia
- Adobe Indesign
- Graphics Editing
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
- Video Editing

Graphics & Multimedia
Graphics Editing
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