Chief Productivity Officer / Project Manager

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Sep 12, 2019


Are you a manager with a proven track record of success? Do you enjoy walking into work and experiencing the "unknown"/challenges? Do you THRIVE off of systems? Ultimately, are you someone who can stay calm in the midst of chaos?

If you said yes to all of these questions, you may want to continue reading because we are probably looking for someone like you!


We promise you haven't worked with anyone like us before. Noni Brands is a Toronto-based start-up in the forefront of online commerce. We’re an ambitious and small (but growing!) team working towards a common goal: launching and growing industry-shaking businesses. Launched in early 2014, we have shipped millions of orders worldwide and we have been experiencing triple-digit growths in revenue every year.

Our company isn’t just about profits, it’s built around the community. That doesn’t just mean that we offer unlimited vacation time, fitness stipends, truly flexible hours, profit sharing and career development resources. We also want you to enjoy doing what you do best, and we give you the autonomy and support to do it in a way that works for everyone—our customers/clients, the company and you.

Our 4gs - Grit, Growth, Greatness and Gratitude - our company values are what drives all of us here to keep growing and learning. The team not only display these 4 core values at work but in their personal lives as well. We truly believe in creating a team who believes in these 4 values inside out.


Like any fast-growing start-up company, there comes a time when you need someone to come in and take care of operations. Your key responsibility is helping ensure that each employee (specifically the department heads) perform at maximum productivity.

We have a team of 25 in our head office in Toronto, with another 40 remote staff in the Philippines. Your job is to help ensure that we keep guiding and coaching our A-players in our company - people who believe and embody the company values of grit, growth, greatness & gratitude. If the company is a ship, then your main job is to make sure that everyone is paddling in the same direction.

You would be working directly with the co-founders of the company to discuss strategy, goals and road maps for various business departments.


Highly organized with great attention to detail - You would be keeping tabs on dozens of employees and each department will have its own sets of problems and solutions. If you are not organized and adept at using technological tools, the scope and responsibility of this position would overwhelm you.

Loves quantitative data analysis - What gets measured, gets improved. You would be focusing on KPIs, 80/20 optimization, minimizing expenses & maximizing revenue. If you cringe at the sight of spreadsheets and tables, then this position is not for you.

High EQ - You would have to be able to read people and ask the right questions to understand what is really going on. You would need to clearly communicate what you expect of them. You would need to know when to be firm with your deadlines and demands and when to be more lenient. You would need to be a firm believer of tough love as you hold people accountable for their own goals.

Thrives on tough challenges, high-pressure environments & tight deadlines (and unexpected problems/obstacles) - Do you get stressed easily or do you have great control of your emotions and can operate with calm when shit hits the fan? In our 6+ years of doing business, one of the greatest differentiators between great managers and not-so-great ones is their attitude towards problems/challenges/setbacks. The best businesses solve the hardest problems. Do you welcome and get excited with hard challenges or would you rather be coasting in calm waters?


1. Documenting & creating SOPs - Systems are the lifeblood of any business. Great systems minimize the duplication of efforts and ensure that the workflow and process are the most streamlined. In the process of creating these SOPs, you would be identifying, evaluating and possibly improving the tasks and actions each employee make.

2. Troubleshooting the roadblocks & removing the bottlenecks of our operations to achieve accelerated growth - You would be conducting regular focus and accountability sessions with key employees to find out how you can help them achieve their goals and accomplish their tasks or meet their deadlines.

3. Keep employees accountable to their goals, tasks and deadlines.

4. Facilitate performance evaluations for employees to identify and reward A-players (and to identify underperformers).

3-4 years of project management, productivity management or operations management experience
3-4 years of experience in managing a team over 20 employees (managing remote employees is an asset as well)
Experience or knowledge in eCommerce and logistics/shipping is an asset
Advanced communication and organizational skills

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