Virtual Assistant / research / data entry

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Full Time


Php 12000/ month




Aug 23, 2019


Do you like to reach out to people and find opportunities?
Do you enjoy learning new skills?

Do you like getting paid consistently and on time?
Do you like to work from home? Or from almost anywhere?
Then I have an opportunity for you!

I am a US based nationally touring magician and comedian at events and conferences.
I need someone who can:
1) Find events that might hire me as an entertainer
2) Find contact information of people at those events
3) Learn simple computer tasks, such as editing 2 to 3 minute video promotions to help me book more shows.

And I want to pay you to do what you love, and help you grow your skills, and even grow personally.

Reasons to become my Virtual Assistant:

* Work from anywhere
* Learn new skills
* Be treated as a valuable employee and friend.

All I need from you is the following:

* Independent access to a laptop
* A stable internet connection
* The ability to work full time
* Ability to learn simple computer skills, like basic video editing
* Enjoy finding information online
* Experience with lead generation (optional)
* An awesome attitude

What you’ll be doing is the following:
* Researching events
* Constantly gather data about where I can perform
* Sorting through emails, and organizing them using a simple system I teach you.
* Reaching out to event organizers through email and LinkedIn
* Editing videos that need to be custom made for each event (I can train you to do this)
* Handle my LinkedIn account and keep it updated
* Growing and learning new skills as we go

Send your application letter with the subject line: “Your Name, Simon Mandal's Assistant”

In the email please include:

1. A quick nocjrpbrudjo. Denl me your passion/goal, what is awesome about you, why I should hire you, and how you think you can help me.

2. Your resume link if you have one, or any other resumes that you have.

3. List any questions that you may have for me.

Thank you!

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Research Data Entry Personal Assistant
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