Looking for a Positive and Coachable Telemarketer that will become a Great Telemarketer (Long-Term)

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Part Time


Training pay 8000 PHP 1st month - 16000 PHP after 6 months (Bonus available for each lead that becomes a sale 200 PHP)




Sep 08, 2019


2 positions to be filled with potential to grow into a supervisor role (Part-time or Full-time)

* Cold calling elderly age 67-74 in the USA. These people are on Medicare (senior healthcare)
* Fill out a form for seniors who are interested in saving money on their Medicare Supplement.
* Read script, answer questions (defer most questions to licensed insurance broker)
* Be comfortable dealing with rejection and call complaints
* Learn to overcome objections by writing them down and practicing at least one rebuttal constantly
* Go the “extra mile” to get interested parties to request for Licensed Insurance Broker to check the current rates for them
* Constantly be working on pronouncing words with an American accent only when working on the phones. You are calling Americans. If you do not sound American, it hurts our credibility and our chance to have a sales opportunity after your initial call
* Say positive things about the insurance broker to make sale easier

Job brief
We are looking for an enthusiastic Telemarketer to generate leads by cold calling using dialer. You must remain positive and enthusiastic throughout the day. You will be responsible for passing prospects that are interested in saving money they’re spending on their Medicare Supplement plan. This job is quality over quantity. You will get a bonus for every lead that becomes a sale, not every lead. The goal is sales from leads you generate.
A successful telemarketer must be friendly and persuasive. The ideal candidate will also be patient and cool-tempered to deal with aggressiveness and complaints. Person answering the phone must be able to understand you clearly.

* Experience as a telemarketer
* Good work ethic
* Working knowledge of relevant computer programs and phone dialer (software & email)
* Has a laptop or desktop with high speed internet
* Excellent communication and presentation skills
* Ability to be proficient in English and have American accent
* Persistent and results-oriented
* Able to handle customer rejection
* High school diploma (college degree is a plus)
* Be prepared to read a script on second interview
* Have noise-cancelling USB headset to plug into computer for clear voice
* Be able to communicate on Skype

Pay starts at 295 PHP per hour during training and probationary period of 1 month at 4 hours
Pay rate goes up to 150 PHP per hour, Second month at 4-6 hours
Pay rate goes up to 200 PHP per hour, after six months at 4-6 hours
Bonus of 200 PHP for each lead that becomes a sale. Sales are end goal, not iumth. Faspany needs sales.
Trainer pay rate 250 PHP per hour at 4-6 hours to train new hires and manage team with Bonus of 200 PHP for lead that becomes a sale by your trainees. Looking to grow team to 5 telemarketers and 1 team leader.
When applying, go to xjuaywqax.arz and email me a screenshot of the results.
A short Skype interview will be scheduled immediately via email if you are selected.

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