Online Community Manager for fashion company

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$500 per month




Aug 20, 2019


Online Community Manager

This position at Messiah Media is focused on providing Lauren Messiah's customers and community an excellent experience through customer service and community management. The goal of this position is to resolve customers issues and engage with the community to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

The Community Manager position involves working Monday – Friday, and sometimes responding to support tickets outside of normal work hours. This position is 100% remote. You will report directly to the CEO.

Duties and Responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for…

* Managing customer support emails to promptly assist, solve, or support members through a question or problem.
* Fully resolving customer support tickets and escalate any recurring issues to the appropriate team member (tech team, design, ads)
* Troubleshooting basic tech issues for customers.
* Canceling membership subscriptions when requested by customers.
* Sending weekly cancellation reports (percentage of customers who canceled + number of customers that were able to be retained)
* Engaging with posts inside of the private community and FB group (like, comment, reply) in a timely manner.
* Collecting testimonials and marketing materials based on positive community interactions.
* Approving members for Lauren’s private Facebook communities in a timely manner.
* Scheduling appointments and video calls with Lauren’s clients/customers.
* Send email blasts and announcements to customers and community.
* Data entry/compilation of customer information (mailing addresses, emails, etc.)
* Staying up-to-date on Lauren’s online content and training materials.

Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

* 1 to 3 years of relevant customer service experience (preferably in a virtual environment).
* Impeccable grammar (written and verbal).
* Excellent communication skills.
* Excellent problem-solving skills.
* Passionate about helping others.
* Patient, kind, caring, and respectful.
* Organized and detail oriented.
* Coachable and able to take direction, welcomes direct and honest feedback.
* Resourceful and a quick learner.
* Experience with Kajabi, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, and Drip

The Details:

* This is a 20 hours per week/part-time position (could lead to more hours in the future)
* This is a virtual position.

About Messiah Media/ Lauren Messiah

Lauren Messiah is an author, personal stylist, digital content creator, and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA. Lauren creates content that empowers women to find themselves, their self-confidence, and their style. Lauren does this through her signature program Personal Style University, her online community Style Confidence Collective, her book The Style Solution, and her social platforms online.

d Google’s #WomenToWatch on Youtube, Lauren Messiah has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, VH1, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, and many other media outlets for her style expertise.

Learn more about Lauren on her website (www.laurenmessiah) and her Instagram (redlzijia.gup/laurenmessiah)

Core Values

1. Deliver Powerfully
2. Motivate and Make a Difference
3. Laugh Often
4. Share Honestly
5. Pursue Continual Growth
6. Promote Personal Responsibility

How To Apply

1. Please provide a copy of your resume and cover letter
2. A brief write-up or a short video on why you are the best candidate for the job

We will respond within 72 hours if you are qualified for the next step of the interview process. All candidates will be required to chat with Lauren on Zoom with video turned on.

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