Intern Journalist/Writer with a strong desire to fight the climate crisis

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Sep 02, 2019


This is an internship program that will best suit those who've just started their writing career or someone who has been in the industry but wants to further improve their content marketing skills. We need someone who has a great passion for writing and would want to take part in the fight against the climate crisis.

We are the first online magazine to focus on sharing solar marketing insights. We believe that driving down the solar energy cost through leveraged content marketing and other best practices are the best ways to accelerate solar’s adoption rate. We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

If you don't love writing and have no interest in the renewable energy industry, this role is not for you.
If you feel that content can be a powerful tool to help save the planet from the global climate crisis, then please READ ON!

Focus Areas

1. Content writing and sub-editing: industry-facing articles, solar expert biographies and solar investors series

2. Adapt your writing style as per solar magazines - specializing in interviews, expert talks and brand/product reviews.

3. Consistently pitch ideas to interested solar publications to constantly secure new leads for guest postings.

4. *Spend time networking and building relationships with publications and their staff. (after 3-6months)

Your main responsibilities will typically include:

1. Taking part in content creation, with a great deal of focus on topics relating to the solar industry, solar experts interviews, brands/manufacturers/suppliers, etc.

2. Researching for possible guest authors/contributors and sending out invites

3. Sourcing images or relevant case studies to accompany written pieces

4. Keeping up to date with trends and developments relating to the solar industry

Provided you already have your basics in place, you are expected to take on the following responsibilities within a 3-6month period and will have the opportunity to be offered a fulltime role.

1. Conducting interviews with solar industry professionals, remotely

2. Transcribing interview recordings

3. Preparing interview notes and proofreading it in preparation for publication


You will need to possess:

1. a strong desire to fight global climate change

2. good writing skills

3. a proactive approach to investigating and good research skills

4. demonstrable interest in the solar or renewable energy industry

5. basic knowledge of the concise writing style needed for the internet and search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for this role. Thus, we need someone who has the willingness to learn and is hungry to acquire new skills.

6. the desire to be part of something BIG


At least 1year experience in a similar role, or previous involvement in student newspapers, magazines, and other publications that helped develop your writing style and interviewing techniques.


Degree qualified in a relevant field - English, communication arts or journalism


Don't send your applications here.

Directly apply through our Careers Channel link>>>>>>>>>>

In your cover letter, please answer the following questions:

1. How would you manage the stress of tight deadlines?

2. How do you ensure your work is accurate and factual?

3. Can you list three current stories that impact our publication? Why do you say so?

4. How to apply SEO techniques into writing?

5. Have you ever written any articles relating to the solar industry or the ongoing "climate crisis"? If your answer is "yes," kindly provide the link to the article.

***Only those who applied directly through our job portal will be entertained.

Looking forward to receiving your application!


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