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Full Time


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Sep 09, 2019


The Peterman Design Firm works with visionaries to launch ideas into businesses that innovate our world towards better living. Our founder has worked as a designer and engineer for over 15 years and enjoys developing products into sustainable conscious businesses with exceptional design and business launch consulting. At this point we need another hybrid designer/ engineer to come in and take over the day to day design and development of products. Our clients projects are all over the board with everything from medical equipment to industrial equipment, to consumer electronics, to outdoor gear, and baby products. This job will be exciting and keep you on your toes. We expect excellent communication, attention to detail and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials. This company is built on integrity, service, and innovation; if you aren't an example of those values you won't be a good fit for us.

We are hiring on a contract basis initially, however this is expected to grow quickly to full time with proven ability to complete the work on time and with accuracy.

I am looking for someone who is fully trained and able to jump into this role with no training. Things like our naming convention, SolidWorks templates and other company specific things you'll be shown. You must know what you are doing and be able to think critically and solve complex design problems. I am the project manager and will always be a resource to bounce ideas off of, however you are expected to create design solutions with minimal oversight. The ideal situation is to have someone who can grow with the business and eventually lead a team of designers as we expand. You can see who we are here: qfx.wxlnunjghkiq.hgy

Required Experience:
5 years SolidWorks
2 years AutoCAD (or similar 2D drafting)
Familiar with SketchUp
5 years mechanical design experience
Mechanical aptitude and understanding of engineering principals
Familiar with manufacturing methods such as machining, lathe, milling, injection molding, vacuum forming, and others
Must be able to source off-shelf components
Communication with myself, sources for components, etc. must be clear
Speak, write, read, and understand English to the level of technical terminology, not just conversational
You need to go to this form and fill out your application here rflci://hbmbu.elc/LdPLobjNs3myPIVl3 Any applications through will be denied. After you have filled out the form send an email to careers at almyyqzyggvw.vcm – will get test files

Must run:
SolidWorks 2018 or newer
SketchUp (can be free version, mostly use this for viewing other people's files)
AutoCAD (if not, Draftsight is a great alternative and is completely acceptable)

BS in mechanical engineering or Bachelors in Industrial Design
Experience with SketchUp & Blender

Driven and self motivated individuals will excel in this position. This role, benefits, and wages will grow with proven ability to complete the work successfully. We believe in taking care of employees and creating a long term relationship that everyone enjoys coming to work and working together to help clients. The client is always first and we work hard to ensure they get what they need when they need it. We believe in producing work you can be proud of within projects we can be excited to be a part of and we look forward to having you on our team.

Professional Services
Architectural and Engineering Services
Project Management
Design Project Management
Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
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