Virtual Assistant - goal setting, project and business / team management experience and sales focus.

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$350/mo +- USD




Jul 17, 2019


We run multiple projects and have a difficult time loosing track of status of projects. Or projects getting overlooked.
Our team members will loose sight of goals, and expectations and we are unable to reach deadlines even when there is plenty of time to do so.
We recently started using Trello boards for managing tasks, this is a good tool and we want to use it better. The project boards are good, but some of our team members (including myself) need direct messages to keep on task.
our regular projects include:
product design - creating cad models and adjustments for new product development.
product sourcing - with our Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturing
revision control - we do a lot of 3d printing and our documentation control is not very good and often we make old product versions.
ventory management - we run 2 Amazon FBA stores - need inventory managed so it can be stocked properly
listing management - amazon, ebay, websites, follow through that team members are doing proper maintenance and reporting

marketing - make sure use of regular news letters - making sure writer, graphic designer, and email template designer are working together for the best email marketing strategy.
ads - make sure members are keeping ads running.
budgets - working with our book keeper for regular reporting,
goal setting - ensure each team member understands their role, has obtainable goals. a MBO (management by objective) program would be great. Bonus for reaching targets etc... (we have not had anything formalized in place yet)

Please share your experience in these roles. What is key is to be sales and growth focused. This means to move fast and break things - keeping up with "organized chaos" keeping things too clean and tightly run isn't good for growth strategy.
Our businesses have been around for many years, this is not a startup, but we need to get a handle on strong growth.
people are paid from sales made. not possible to do so before hand, need a "can do" attitude, a strong will to adapt and learn, and make results happen.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you.

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Project Coordinator
Project Management
Marketing Project Management
Marketing & Sales
Sales Representative
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