Advanced Virtual Assistant for an Amazon Private Label Seller: Included Initial WEEKLY Pay and BONUSES.

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Full Time


$2 to $8




Jul 31, 2019


Hi there! We are looking to add a few more Virtual Assistants to our Growing Team, although we dislike that the term “virtual assistant” for our job description. We view all members of the company as highly valued team members, working to grow the company together, while at the same time growing our OWN careers as well.

Specifically, we are looking for two or three virtual assistants who can be skilled in anything that an e-commerce business may need. We are looking for experienced and talented individuals who are skilled in the following areas; Please do not apply if you don't have any background in these areas.

- Social Media Management
- FBA Logistics and Supply Chain
- Amazon PPC and SEO
- Website Development
- Programming and Coding


• Great communicator in writing, as well as speaking.
• Willing to learn new tasks, undergo highly beneficial training, and is not easily offended
• Social Media, Amazon Experience, Programming and Coding Experience are preferred
• a highly-motivated, energetic attitude
• Extremely reliable and dependable, willing to go the extra mile for the company
• Positive, no excuse attitude
• If you are looking to learn marketing, copywriting, & growing a HIGHLY successful business, this will be a great position for you, since that is what our company is about!
• Have the ability to shift work schedules around and work on weekends and occasionally at odd times (especially Graveyard time)

Highly motivated and advanced virtual Assistant with articulate and strong english communication skills wanted. Free advanced training provided for non-social media tasks when needed. Many tasks Amazon related.

• Our company is based in the U.S. and located in the state of Texas.
• Our company is based around the highest level of ethics, morals and values. We only sell products that we believe are good for consumers and the environment, and we treat all customers as we would like to be treated.
• Our company is fast-paced and quickly growing
• We have built this company over the past four years
• We are currently exploring numerous other ways to expand and diversify the company’s assets
• We move very fast & expect the people we work with to be quick and motivated to keep up!
• We are very loyal to our employees, value them above everything else in the company & treat them with respect
• We give bonuses for doing a good job. If you help the company win, you should win too.

• Respond to daily customer service enquiries with respect and sincerity
• Handle social media Postings, create vibrant and creative social media content, engage with fans and customers on social media
• Social media collaboration by contacting influencers
• Retail and Wholesale management.
• Amazon Ads / PPC / SEO
• Inventory and Supply Chain Management
• Create email content and blog entries that discuss product related ideas and information
• Create content for the company (blogging, creative writing, etc. We will have some full time positions that will involve mostly this task only!)
• Consistently work with existing suppliers to assist in inventory management and creative product design.
• Create systems or software programs for the business (if you possess the skills for this).
• Consistently work with potentially new suppliers to assist in receiving product quotes, price negotiation and product purchasing
• Create sales emails & send them to prospective clients and customers
• Perform online research and assist in the exploration of new business opportunities
• Do market research and product sourcing for new and existing products
• Work 8 hours a day 5 days a week, occasionally outside of business hours, as mutually agreed upon with management and the employee team member

• Will pay twice a month.
• We pay bonuses for great work and members who show initiative and drive to grow the business
• We give pay increases based on performance
• We are looking for true partners and team members to help us grow, and not just employees

• Make sure to send an email with the subject line: Dedicated and Motivated Advanced Virtual Assistant
• Attached your resume to the email.

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Please email us at the following email:

Monthly salary is commensurate with and based on a combination of experience.

Amazon Product Ads
Web Development
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