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Jul 03, 2019


Are you a developer?

I don't know who you are.
I don't know what you want.
If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money...

But what I do have are a very particular set of skills.
Skills I have acquired over a very long career.
Skills that make me a dream to people like you, perhaps.
If you walk away now, that will be the end of it.

I will not look for you, I will not pursue you...
But if you don't, if you express interest in this position...

I will engage.
I will uncover who you really are.
I will challenge the way you think about the world you live in.
And maybe, just maybe, I will invite you to join the team.

Before I tell you about this position and the technicalities... let me tell you about our small team and who we are.

Here is what we value.

We value our freedom to live true to who we are.

We are curious about the world and are always learning.

We care about our relationships and those around us.

We value our mental, physical and emotional health.

We seek to create the lifestyle that keeps us inspired.

We act and do what we do to make an impact.

We value collecting experiences as we build our business.

We feel inspired and alive out in nature.

To create our future we know we must communicate well.

While we exist intently, we like to laugh and have fun.

I, the founder, value you as a person before I value you "as an employee."

The workplace is so painstakingly broken.
So much stress.
So much non-sense and politics and useless busy-work and command-and-control structures with ineffective hierarchies and poor management and bad bosses.
So much unhealthy behavior that does not allow us to be our best and hurts our health.

Here, you will find none of this.

Here, I created a space that I love to play in.

If the above resonates, then let's see if you have the technical skills we’re seeking for this role.

Python – Python is our main language.

Django – Django is the framework we have most projects in.

CSS + Javascript – A specific expertise in this area is most important.

Who do we currently have on the team?

– Our designer who has been on the team for over 8 years (across 2 companies)
– Our developer who has been on the team since November 2017
– Myself, who started this company in January 2014

Fun and random team facts.

– Our designer took a total of 2 months off throughout last year and went to 4 countries (Denmark, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam).
– Our developer flies (free) to visit his girlfriend whenever he wants and leaves whenever he wants.
– Matthew lives nowhere and everywhere. Home is wherever he is. And he often has his mountain bike. (Generally he’s stayed close to California, USA, though)

If you take the red pill, you will...

Be challenged to be your best and do the best work of your life.

Have the ability to work from anywhere and everywhere with a great deal of freedom.

Learn profound insights that can change the way you live and see your world.

What do we actually do as a company?

We are young in our vision and we’ve been at it for years.

Our purpose is to use technology to help people live better.

We have a handful of long-term clients and are working on our life-changing technology named Sky. A type of narrow artificial intelligence that has had hundreds of hours of life-changing conversations with people around the bobby. Os also powers our business. And much, much more...

We don't hire employees.

We hire family.

This role would start part-time with an intention to hire full-time. I might be open to starting full-time. If you already have a job, it’s ok – we can talk about the specifics and explore the possibilities.

you'd like to join our family, your mission, should you choose to accept, is to send 3 questions you have about the position.

om there, we’ll see how far the rabbit hole goes.

PS. “If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money...” – this line isn’t exactly true, this is a paid position.

Software Development / Programming
Web Development
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