Real Estate Lead Generator / Telemarketer

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Aug 09, 2019


Real Estate Lead Generator - Telemarketer / Appointment Setter

We are looking for an experienced, results-oriented Client Prospector.
We are looking for someone that can start Part-time, prove results, then quickly move to Full-time.
You must meet specific goals leading to our sales team closing a specific number of sales and setting a specific number of appointments.
You must demonstrate a very high rating from the previous people you have worked with.
We require someone that will report in daily and on time and is very, very dependable.
If this sounds like you, then apply quickly as this spot will be filled soon.

The purpose of this role is to manage all of our leads (outbound) to ensure that each one is given the best chance to be monetized. Remember, this position is one of the first points of contact with our team. We must be professional, polite, and convince them that we can provide a solution for their need, whatever that may be. To maximize the lead potential, this position is designed to:

• Call on all leads within CRM (both old and new)
• Documenting any and all interactions within the company CRM and calendar’s for team communication.
• Create appointments and a warm handoff to the Acquisition Specialist / Buyer to convert the leads.

This position must understand the sales end of our business intimately so our processes and potential solutions can be connected to the needs of the customer (Buy, Refer, Advise). This position is important and designed to put our company ahead of the pack. The more information we are able to gather related to their story (motivation, timeline, specifics of the home, condition of the home, pricing), and the better it is documented, the better the chance the PM will be able to secure the contract during their phase. Lastly, this position needs to identify and recognize the motivation of sellers so that we can beat our competition with speed and credibility. Scheduling appointments, especially those with above-average motivation, quickly, allows us to prevent competitive situations.

1. Should have an AMERICAN or NEUTRAL ACCENT
2. Must have excellent fluency in English: full professional proficiency (speaking, reading, writing)
3. Ability to convert inbound leads to an appointment for the Acquisitions Specialist / Buyer
4. Ability to cold call targeted list to generate multiple leads and overcome objections.
5. Ability to distill and convey the right messages to potential clients
6. Minimum 3 years prior Lead Generation experience required
7. Demonstrated initiative, enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly and excel as part of a dynamic team
8. Top rated high-speed internet connection.
9. Reliable computer, Internet, and a USB call center style headset with Noise Cancellation feature is Required. (NO jack/analog type or Gaming headset) for phone calls is an ABSOLUTE must!

Sales Skills:
1. Must be an exceptional listener and have the ability quickly build rapport over the phone with a friendly and disarming conversational voice
2. Must Be self-motivated and results driven- has a burning desire to succeed. This desire typically allows for those who will own their position and not need prompting to find things to do.
3. Control and direct the conversation to gather necessary information.
4. Curious- wants to know as much as possible about the situation to put us in the best position to acquire the property.
5. Persistent - doesn’t give up, wants to make someone out of everything, doesn’t let things die.
6. Display confidence in our company and process, being able to project that confidence over the phone.

Technical Skills:
1. Pick up CRM quickly
2. Strong understanding of Google Calendar, Drive, and Email
3. General ability to understand technology and utilize it effectively, quickly
4. Multi-Task (Must be able to call leads while managing the CRM)
5. Organized and task oriented

Tasks & Priority:
Interact with a potential Lead over phone or by a text messaging interface with the goal being to uncover motivation and details related to the person and the property (get their story) by using strong probing questions from the script and active listening. We must overcome objections and ultimately schedule appointments for the Acquisition Managers to visually inspect and make offers on. To put ourselves in the best position, we must provide a smooth transition to the Acquisition manager.

Lead Flow Process, Scripts and Tasks:
Document all notes before moving to a new task or call.
ll all online lead submissions as quickly as possible
Coordinate and communicate with the Acquisition team for leads that may be urgent or requiring quick action.
Update and manage CRM
Full and detailed documentation of all interactions and attempts
Ensure all relevant property information is updated
Ensure Questionnaire is filled out for each lead
Set Appointment for Acquisition Specialist / Buyer

*Incentives/Bonus will be given!!!!!

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