Project Manager Needed for Fast Growing Amazon Seller Services Agency

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$400 to $1,000 USD




Jun 19, 2019


Full time position pays $400-$1,000 USD, depending on experience. You will be working directly for the CEO of a fast growing agency that helps Amazon sellers sell more products with less effort.

You will be in charge of helping the CEO to ensure that every client project and every offer we bring to market is not only complete but is incredible AND over-delivered. You may also be required to take on some tasks and hats related to those projects.

If you like the idea of helping business owners sell more of their products with less effort, and love being at the forefront of innovative, cutting edge strategies, then you will love this position!

Training will be provided by the CEO and trainer. You will be working remotely full time from your location of choice. You must have strong reliable internet and a relatively new laptop or home computer (Mac based preferred, but not required).

This full time position will make you grow, learn, and will challenge your skills. Unlike other boring jobs, this is an opportunity to be part of a high-performing team of 'A players' who make things happen, push projects to successful completion, and do meaningful work that is reflected out in the marketplace.

The type of person we are looking for:

1. Obsessed with precision and detail

2. Organized. Great ability to follow through.

3. Can follow systems / checklists created by CEO, for flawless execution of tasks

4. Resourceful, someone who can make things happen without needing hand-holding at every turn

5. Pride in your jdjd. Esn’t sleep until something is done perfectly.

6. Someone who is seeking to be part of something special, to have their work mean something important.

**What’s In It For YOU?**

Working directly with Karyn Thomas (Our CEO of Maximize WHY) would be the single most useful education you could get. You’d literally be getting paid to learn, since Karyn is considered one of the foremost experts in WHY Driven sales copy for Amazon sellers.

To date our clients are earning over $7 million per month on Amazon, and that is quickly growing as we take on more clients and projects.

You’ll be learning firsthand how to manage a project to completion and to client satisfaction and utter “wow”. Where would you ever learn that in school? :-)

Plus, you will have the opportunity to be working directly with our executive team, who are all known and respected in the ecommerce field. Karyn is speaking at the upcoming SellerCon 2019 (an event of nearly 4,000 Amazon sellers) along with many more speaking engagements over the next few months.

** If you're interested in applying for this full-time position, here is the next step **

The following link will take you to a video that Eric Thomas created to explain this position in more detail, to identify what we are looking for in our ideal candidate. If you see yourself as a candidate, please watch the video here and learn how to apply for this position:


We will be making our interviewing and hiring decision over the next few days, and we will only be accepting applications for a limited time. If you are interested, you are encouraged to visit the link above to learn more about this full-time position.

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