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Jan 14, 2020



Before filling out this application, please read in full everything below. This description will help you determine not only if you have the skills for the position but also whether you will like working in the position.

Our company is looking for a highly organized, detail-oriented, logical inbound SALES person to come work with us and help organize/perform a number of selling/administrative/customer service related tasks in the business. The shift runs during U.S. EST times.

If you do not consider yourself a detail-oriented person, this position is probably not for you. We need to have very high accuracy when it comes to INCREASING SALES and responding to customer messages.

We need someone who has a background in online sales and consistently on top of the incoming messages and order information. If you are prone to letting things "slip through the cracks", this position is not for you.

Part of this position will include responding to customer service messages via phone call, email or chat correspondence.

Because of this, it is important that you can write fluently and confidently in English. The customer support emails you get will require your undivided attention.

Most of the time, you will be able to use pre-written templates to respond to customers but you will need to make judgment calls for when to modify the template and also when to not use a template at all and give a custom response.

When giving a custom response to a customer, you will need to clearly understand what they are saying in English and respond according to the guidelines we provide you. You must have perfect English grammatical skills. Before you get the job, we will test those skills so that you don't copy and paste someone else's responses.

's important that you know how to interact well with people, you're friendly, and you make people feel comfortable when talking to you.

This being said - most of the work you will be doing will be solitary work that you'll be doing alone online. If you do not like working online or at a computer then this position is not for you.

Finally - this position will require you to be a problem solver, quick learner, and super organized implementer. You should be confident in your research abilities to find tutorials and answers to your questions when you need to.

Benefits of working with us

- 30 hours per week after training

- Remote job gives you location freedom

- Lots of opportunity for growth (including future bonuses, raises, and promotions)

- Work and learn directly with the founders

- Free access to education, coaching and mentoring

- A part-time position that can lead to Full time

- Fun, friendly culture

Are We A Fit? (Do You Share In Our Values)

- We’re passionately committed to personal development - on being the best version of ourselves

- We strive to be great friends which means on an individual level, being warm and pleasant energy - has honesty & integrity - is a giver - keeps his/her word

- keeps the ego in check (not arrogant) - does not undercut and undermine others - and has fun.

- We’re true hustlers, meaning we have massive initiative and motivation to improve, grow, build and create great things. Results-oriented.

t all talk - walks the walk to create quality results.

- We focus on what’s in our control i.e. finding solutions and not complaining about problems. We live pro-actively, not reactively.

- We work to go above and beyond for customers to create a completely WOW customer service experience.

If you have read this far and you still believe you are a good fit for this position then you may be just who we are looking for - please fill out the form below and I look forward to speaking with you.

CS Sales Exam: https:// 5LU6gRqnH8zQ6E8aA

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