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Full Time






May 19, 2019


We area boutique creative consultancy specialising in digital marketing for specific businesses.
Our CEO is looking to add a VA to our team.
This person will be in charge of handling our marketing for our company and some of our clients. You must be able to write in English and have great grammar.The position will start as part time and will become full time if you are a good fit to us.
You will report directly to our CEO who has been doing marketing for over 10 years.
Working hours are open and flexible but must be available on weekends. We are a complete marketing and lead generation company

Our Core Values
- Practice radical transparency
You're unapologetically yourself and honest, maybe to a fault. You give honest and sincere feedback and love when people are honest with you, whether it's an easy or difficult conversation
- Make decisions and own them
When decisions are made, you are all rv. Gbthing will keep you from accomplishing your individual and team goals. Furthermore, you make them your personal mission because it's the right thing to do.
- Take customer-focused action
Every decision or action we take as a team has our customers and partners in mind. Our goal is to help them accomplish theirs, so living and dying by our customers' success is a requirement.
- Exceptional results, on-time
We take everything to the next level. Average and late work won't be tolerated here. If doing big things and racing to the finish line gets you pumped up, you're in the right place
- Lead by example
Nobody at here sits on their high horse and expects others to do the work. We all get our hands dirty and no matter your position, you'll be instrumental in the work we do.
- Always have each others' backs
We're a family and that means creating an environment of trust. Have the backs of your fellow team members and they'll have yours. Together, we'll win the gsl. Tv's just that easy

About You
You've done remote work before and teamed up with a distributed team.
- You're a self-starter
You don't need permission to get work done. You choose action over inactivity.
- You can follow checklists
Much of our work is systematized. Reading and following directions is a strength.
- You're friendly
Being polite, smiling and laughing are important parts of your day.
- You want to improve
Making yourself a little bit better each and every day is what drives you.
- You're responsive
You believe that good communication is important.
- You're trustworthy
You do what you say you will and you'll work hard to make sure everybody on the team knows that.
- You love feedback
You're comfortable receiving feedback and will use it to fuel your improvement.

About Us
We are a family oriented company based in Dubai. We are a full-service lead generation and marketing company that focuses on small businesses and providing them the best bang for their dollar.

Benefits For Working With Us

- Flexible work schedule
As long as you work full hours and it's done well and on time, you work when you want.
Take time off when you need it. We work very hard but prioritize the health of our team.
- 13th Month Pay ( If your results are good during the year)

If you're looking for a job that will let you coast, get away with being lazy and not be a team player, you wont last long here. If you're ready to commit to a great team for the long-term, take the next step in your career and ditch the traditional 9-5, then we would love for you to apply!

Skills required:

• English
- Speaking
- Writing

• Writing
- Blogging
- Copywriting
- Creative Writing
- Ebook Writing
- Editing Proofreading
- Web Content Writing

• Marketing & Sales
- Affiliate Marketing
- Facebook Marketing
- Lead Generation
- LinkedIn Marketing
- Social Media Marketing

Speaking Writing
Blogging Copywriting Ebook Writing Web Content Writing
Marketing & Sales
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