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Part Time






May 18, 2019



Talented Kinetic Typography Video Editor? Create funny, inspirational and informative YouTube videos!
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Is your genius zone translating a creative visionaries humorous YouTube, Ad and Course videos? Are you an experienced video editor who loves comedy and always exceeds expectations? If so, keep reading…


We’re a super-fun, humorous, and edgy digital publishing company that empowers others through positive psychology, personal development, and team-building techniques. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs live more full + happy lives by giving them the tools to rip-off the chains put on by their insanely-busy-businesses --- and step foot into their bold, delicious and wildly more beautiful lives. We offer advice that’s tactical, while still being fun, because let’s face it, if you’re bored, then you’re not really learning a damn thing. We’re expanding fast. And we’re looking for someone who can help us scale our impact, and keep our viewers watching, so we can change some lives and make the world a better place along the way. We want to do this through fantastic videos created through a collaborative process where a super talented editor can take the vision and make it into a reality!


You get people. You understand what makes them tick, and you know how to make them look good. Well, let’s be honest, you know how to make people look even better than they actually are. ;-)

Ideally, you would love human psychology, and are curious about marketing, but you definitely understand what makes people look charismatic, warm, funny, and intelligent and are able to piece together the right clips to capture that.

Ideally, we’d like to bring someone on for a long term, part-time position. We work with editors from all corners of the globe, and we need an organized and creative team leader to manage projects and make sure that all of our videos are consistent and in line with our overall branding and objectives.


EXPERIENCE - You have at least 3 years working in video editing and ideally went to school for it! :)
DETAIL ORIENTED - You are so detail oriented that you may be a little obsessive compulsive! And that’s not a bad thing for this job! Accurate is your middle name.
FAST & TIME EFFICIENT - When it comes to getting things done quickly, you're on it - you're incredibly time efficient (without sacrificing quality) and love checking things off your to do list. You're great at looking at large tasks and breaking them up into small, manageable milestones.
PROBLEM-SOLVER - You jump head first into solving problems, even if you don't 100% understand them. You see new challenges and skills as a mountain to be conquered, not as a roadblock. You think ANY problem is solvable, as long as you're the one doing the solving.
GREAT COMMUNICATOR - You're a crystal-clear communicator who can communicate kindly but assertively. You say what needs to be said directly, but you're very pleasant to work with
GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS - You have a strong sense of how people work and you know how to be super diplomatic. You know how to give honest feedback while building a relationship.
ANIZED - You are extremely organized! And a disorganized Google drive? Makes your skin crawl.
A-PLAYER - You strive to be the BEST in everything that you do. Success - both personal and professional - is important to you.
SUPER RELIABLE - Friends and family describe you as: honest to a fault, hardworking, optimistic, upbeat, sincere, trustworthy, and 10,000% reliable.
FINISHER - You're extremely goal-oriented and love finishing projects. Leaving things unfinished just isn't in your DNA.


KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY - We’d love it if you have the skills for customized kinetic typography, graphics and animations. If you have experience with beautiful on-screen effects and typography and can make the humor shine through in these styles, definitely highlight that in your portfolio samples you submit to us in our job form! :)

Here are some kinetic typography samples of the quality and style we’re expecting:

VIDEO EDITING - Are you an editor who pieces the visual clips together in a storytelling way? Where everything comes together smoothly in a nice flow that moves the viewer through a journey while keeping the humor alive?

-You know the right moments to keep face to camera and the right moments for typography or graphics.
-You know how to improve sound quality and fix audio issues in the video

Here is a sample of video editing that tells a story.
Here is an example of just graphics:

INDEPENDENT LEARNER - You learn new skills rapidly and independently - you don't need anyone to hold your hand through the learning process.

· This a remote contract position
· Hours are flexible - We can determine this together as we create the scope of the project. My estimate is that it will take anywhere from 10 - 20 hours a week; potentially more as we approach our upcoming launch, but we're happy to work with you on this to make it work for both of us.

1. You'll get paid to do what you love: you'll watch from backstage, knowing that the show was able to go on because of all your behind-the-scenes work
2. You'll laugh on a daily basis - Bonnie is funny. She loves to have fun at work and secretly fears if she's not entertaining people no one will love her. ;-) She'll try to make you laugh every day, and you'll keep her on task.
3. You'll learn non-stop - You'll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, content development,cutting-edge lead generation techniques, how to build a thriving community in record time, and so much more.
4. You'll be part of an incredible team - We're firm believers in the power of kindness in the workplace and are dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and growing every person on our team while we get incredible results.
5. You'll help change lives - You'll read thank you notes from customers who write about what their lives were like before and after being exposed to the material that we create, and you'll get a HUGE glow in knowing you were key executor in them receiving that material.

1. Please fill out this job application here: (COPY AND PASTE THE URL INTO YOUR SEARCH BAR)

2. Please send your resume, website, or Linkedin.
Please address all postings to Bonnie at rtras@irvvufdoxe.cod using the subject: Your Name - Loves Coffee World Class Video Editor
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Please note, we’ll only be reaching out to candidates that we feel could potentially be the fit for the job. All candidates being considered will be required to complete a PAID sample project to make sure that the role is a fit on both sides.

We’re so looking forward to hearing from you!


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