Virtual Assistant - Website Design Specialist

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$300/mnth - negotiable w/ bonuses




May 13, 2019


Part-Time Virtual Assistant - Website Design Specialist

Job Overview:

I’m in need of a virtual assistant with experience in eCommerce website design. I’m looking for someone that I can rely on and trust. You will be overseeing projects and expected to hit certain deadlines.

Position: Part-time Virtual Assistant - Website Design Specialist
Payment Mode: PayPal
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Amount: $3 per hour (starting rate)
Work Schedule: Flexible scheduling - checkup meetings held throughout the week as needed

*Multiple salary increases within a year are possible in order to match VA's skill level. You will receive regular bonuses based on work ethic and project completion.

Key Responsibilities:
Website Creation/Design/Adjustments - Wordpress/Clickfunnels/HTML experience required.

You will be expected to meet with me on a weekly basis (more if needed) to discuss the websites you are designing/adjusting. You will be expected to create fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing website with full storefront functionality. You will be provided with the overarching strategy/vision of the website, and will be expected to make this strategy/vision a reality.

2. Administrative Tasks

As we progress and build trust, you will be asked to monitor other Virtual Assistants and begin training them to fill your role. As we develop our relationship, I hope to be strategizing together and brainstorming ideas as your bonuses will be dependent on the success of the business.

sired Candidate Profile :
1. Excellent oral and written English communication skills are required
2. Ability to work without supervision
3. Must be able to consistently spot errors and discrepancies
4. Excellent judgment and reasoning skills
5. Strong attention to detail
6. Ability to prioritize, and manage time effectively
7. Learns fast
8. Willingness to work with me long term
9. Stable, high-speed internet connection
10. A workplace where power outages are not frequent

Experience preferred:

Advertising/ Pixel implementation

To apply, please email your updated resume and the details below to qsusc@cofmvdassopdp.rew be sure to follow the same format:

Subject: Application - Full Name

1. Skype ID
2. Mobile Number
3. Speed test result link (done through kbc.bhpjovaqf.zix)
4. A screenshot of your device's specifications

Please take the time to answer these questions as well:

What is your experience with website development? Please attach any screenshots of past websites with storefronts that you have created and provide explanations of how the projects went.
If I gave you a bunch of assignments, and you realized you couldn’t get them all done fast enough to meet deadlines, what would you do?
What type of work are you best at? What are you most interested in learning more about.
What are you not good at? What work do you prefer not to do?
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

You shall be further contacted to set up an initial interview, webcam required.

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Ecommerce / Shopping Carts Html Wordpress
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