Online Product Researcher & Reviewer. E-commerce account management.

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Part Time






May 13, 2019


A virtual assistant is required to review products to be sold on ecommerce store. The VA will need to go through a checklist to make sure that the products are correct and right for the business. Then go through a separate checklist to make sure that the products have a high sales velocity.
Must be able to follow instructions and to be able to create instructions as they will also be tasked with creating standard operating procedures for themselves and other VAs.
The successful VA will have to review products and then update Google spreadsheet to provide feedback and outcomes. Uploading products onto the store will also be required so must be able to follow instructions for this. Virtual Assistant must have photo identification. So on your cover letter please state on the first line before introducing yourself that you have photo identification in capital letters. At the end of every day you must provide a report of what you have done, your learnings and to add to any standard operating procedures. You will be required to attend a full day interview task to demonstrate your qualities and personalities to weed out all the time wasters and unmotivated people. Then the final 5 candidates will be taken on a 1 week paid trial where at the end the best candidate will be taken on.
Skills Required:
· Speaks, write and read English fluently
· Familiar with Google Drive and how it works
· Microsoft excel
· On time and follows a schedule
· Self-educating and self-motivated

Please provide examples of past work
Please provide client appraisals if you have done work for anyone else before.

My aim is to have you as an employee for a lifetime. The longer that you are an employee of the business, the more you will get to know my business, the bigger the asset you will be, the more I can offload to you. So my primary desire is to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy and capable that I can help become a pivotal member of the team. When I find someone who is hardworking and reliable I would like to work with that person to make sure that they are happy, satisfied so they will enjoy working for the business. This requires them to give constant honest feedback so we can help each other grow and make changes to accommodate you. But the accommodation of the employees needs will only happen if they are the right candidate and that they prove themselves to be useful, reliable and trustworthy.

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