WooCommerce Subscription Programming Help Needed

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May 03, 2019


Hello. This job is fairly robust as you'll need to be able to figure out how the back-end of WooCommerce Subscriptions impacts the front-end customer experience and enable full tracking and reporting capabilities, all while not interrupting business as usual so that my business doesn't lose sales.

I need WooCommerce tech help to resolve the following issues. I've customized the back-end of WooCommerce Subscriptions to allow what I wanted to see on the front-end to make it easy on my customers to order. HOWEVER, I've lost tracking and reporting details on the back-end as a result. I need these both to work together - allow the customer flexibility in ordering and allow the back end to report as I need it to so that I can track and report as I see fit.

The perfect candidate for this job must...
*Work with urgency
*Be available to answer questions with reasonable response times (within 24hours)
*Must consider this project a priority
*Be able to openly communicate with me, every step of the way. Mastery of spoken and written English is a must.
*Have impeccable attention to detail (in your response, please indicate your favorite animal to prove this)
*Have experience in making out-of-the-box options a priority and only customizing as necessary so that I'm not a fully customized business without flexibility.
*Be able to present "next-best" solutions if an out-of-the-box solution doesn't exist. S/he must be able to present pros and cons of each solution for consideration.
*Applicants with negative reviews will not be considered

The current issues:
* All of my orders look like subscriptions, when in fact, some are recurring transactions and others are single-one time orders.
* I can't track sales nor forecast materials needed next year based on...
* Size
* Blend
* Frequency
* Local vs shipped items
* Product types
* Subscription vs one-time orders

I need to be able to:
* Have the system identify what is an actual subscription and what is a one-time single purchase.
* Allow my customer choices on the front-end: all variations (size, blend, frequency) for both subscriptions and single, one-time purchases.
* Track the differences between actual subscriptions and single, one-time purchases (not subscriptions).
* Track sales based on...
* Size
* Blend
* Frequency (within subscriptions - monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly...allowing for future variations)
* Subscriptions vs One-time orders
* Local vs shipped items
* Product types (DIY vs Ready Made....and allow for future product types to be added)
* Shipping location
* Order dates
* Sizes, blends, product types, shipping location, order dates within the subscriptions category
* Sizes, blends, product types, shipping location, order dates within the one-time order category
* I need local pick-up and shipping options for both single purchases and subscriptions
* Coupons must be able to be applied to all types of purchases.
* Continue to offer PayPal and Stripe as payment gateways (without interruption)

Testing and changes must be done without interruption to the current ordering process so that I don't lose sales/revenue.

If this

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