Senior Revit Drafter

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Jul 16, 2019


The Exponential is looking for a Revit Drafter with experience in architecture, engineering, and drafting whose focus will be more on Structural scope. This is a full-time permanent position, working from our Makati office, working remotely for an exciting Australian business.

The Revit Drafter must have the following minimum training and experience:

· Minimum 3 years’ experience with Revit
· Tertiary qualifications in architecture, engineering or drafting
· Minimum 3 years’ experience in building-related drafting roles

The Revit Drafter is responsible for the Drafting Manager and will be required to liaise with the Project Engineer or Director. The Project Drafter is responsible for the drawing documentation including, but not limited to:

· Liaise with the project engineer to ensure drawings are consistent with the terms of the project commission
· Carry out drafting requirements as required by the project commission
· Regularly reporting to the Drafting Manager regarding the documentation program
· Liaising with project engineers and other project drafters to ensure coordination of documentation
· Carry out documentation as required for the project
· Implementing drafting guidelines using office standards as reference
· Maintaining documents in accordance with the FSACE Quality Assurance system
· Maintaining files in accordance with the FSACE Quality Assurance system
· Incorporate information provided by external consultants into the documentation
· Report to the Drafting Manager on progress and any issues arising
· Participate in FSACE meetings as required
· Participate in FSACE training as required

The Exponential is a progressive boutique BPO company working mostly with Australian clients. We are focused on working with lower volumes of clients & staff but providing the best services, helping our clients to scale their businesses and leave a lasting impact in the hrboc. My turn, we have a very strong team culture & are highly committed to looking after our staff & providing long term careers with opportunity for growth.

If interested, please send your resume to pcvhucr@jjgfrcccoxj.mkrcgfjy or hxatvq@wqyqtpzcvfu.xhxmegyp

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