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We're currently looking for a full-time High-Level Email Deployment Affiliate Marketer. Must be available for 40hrs/week and can work either day or night shift.

Job Responsibilities:
- Tracking EPC
- Managing deployment calendar for CPA and Clients
- Tracking Revenue
- Managing deployment team

If you are interested, here's how to apply:

1. Write a story revolving an animal (any kind of animal), a piece of paper and a police box. Feel free to make up anything you like. Be creative! The story should be at least 200 words. Paste the story in the body of the email. Do not attach it in the email.

2. Send a recording of yourself speaking english for 30 seconds or longer (This can be you talking about yourself or something you are interested in, it doesn't really matter – I just want to hear your level of spoken English). Attach the mp3 file in your response. Please follow proper instructions. If your file is not in mp3 extension, please convert it before sending the file.

3. Do a speedtest ( and include the link of the result in the email.

4. Attach your resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

5. Screenshot of your PC/Laptop Specs. (If you're using a Macbook/Mac, screenshot of your Mac OS)

Send it to with the subject: "1844 CS" and attach your Facebook link. (e.i. "1844 CS")

Cheers and good luck!

Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

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