Full-time Content Writer / Copywriter / Editor: $4-8 per hour + Paid Benefits

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Full Time


$4-8 per hour USD ($640 - $1280USD/month)




Apr 10, 2019


Are you looking for a flexible, long-term, stable career while working from the comforts of your home?

Founded in 2009, we are an established leader in our industry. This is what you have been waiting for, a long-term, stable, full-time career in an exciting, relaxed atmosphere. We are a debt-free, family-owned company with a long-term vision and a staff of approximately ten people. We are looking for people that want a long-term career that will hopefully last decades.

We are a small family that believes in working hard but also smart. We have very high standards and there is absolutely no room for anything but top performers in our company. We believe in only hiring the best and then heavily investing in our people through consistent and intense learning. Why? It's simple - we value work-life balance.

This is an extremely demanding position, however, it is these demands that force you to learn and grow. You will have an opportunity to talk to our current employees before you accept the position. During these conversations, we encourage you to ask them whatever questions you feel like. Please take your time to prepare a thoughtful response and select yourself out of this opportunity if you believe you are not a good fit.


- Get Paid to Learn: We offer paid benefits, including paid learning opportunities.
- A Flexible Career: Work a flexible schedule. All of our people work from home. We only require our employees to have 25 hours fixed schedule per week while the rest of the 40 hours or so is flexible. Specifically, the core schedule for this role is 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m PST + flexi hours.
- Work-Life Balance: We want balanced employees who are happy and fulfilled. We almost never have meetings on Fridays and working on weekends is 100% optional.
- Stability: We are an established, debt-free, stable company with low employee turnover.


- Our #1 value is 'Learning' - We pay our people to learn on the job and give them access to free books, audiobooks and videos.
- Our #2 value is 'Simplicity' - We like keeping things simple, understandable and enjoyable.
- Our #3 value is 'Openness' – You will thrive in our open, supportive working environment with virtually no office politics.

As a Content Writer & Editor, you will have a crucial role in shaping our voice, building credibility and establishing thought leadership for our company. Your primary goal is to help grow our company. Our marketing strategy is primarily based on content production. Our marketing strategy is pull-based, i.e. we aim to pull or lure clients by developing intelligent content in a variety of fhijf. Oj summary, our marketing philosophy revolves around content development. This content should have calls to action that ask potential clients to contact us if they wish to retain our services. By being a content leader we position ourselves as experts in our industry. Potential clients listen to, watch, or read our content and then contact us and pay us for our full services. Your primary tasks revolve around content development. We only use social media as a social validation tool. We do not believe in interrupt-based marketing (direct mail, telemarketing, etc.) or quick “tricks” to increase search engine rankings, however, we do our best to remain open-minded regarding future marketing dnkuung. Lrstead, we believe that authority within an industry is the strongest marketing strategy. We believe in adapting to the marketplace as it continues to evolve. These are some of the types of content we would like to produce in the near future: Videos, Podcasts, E-Books, Articles, Email newsletters and marketing, Seminars, Webinars, Books, Audiobooks, Blogs, Whitepapers, articles on third-party websites (ex: industry publications and trade journals), public speaking, paid advertising (PPC).

- Writing: Write original content using our existing processes, which may include a blog post, a success story, an interview, and many rpenvp. Ddvelop new types of content that we have not produced before. Revise internal client-related documents, which may include email correspondence with clients.
- Editing: Edit various types of content following the AP Style Guide.
- Marketing: Creating and implementing marketing ideas, which may include SEO, SMO and creating sales funnels.
- Emails: Copy edit emails and other forms of written communication with prospective and existing clients.
- Email Marketing: Writing emails, marketing – this is ongoing, and most of the time will be in setting up and writing emails.
- Repurpose Content: Repurpose content into various formats – guides, white papers, audio, video, articles, ebooks, slideshare, Powerpoint, case studies, etc. – and for various audiences.
- Monitoring: Monitor the performance of content (downloads, views, shares) on platforms like iTunes and Stitcher.
- Coordination: Managing our podcast process, including talking with and inviting guests, coordinating publication of articles in industry journals and uploading content to our website.
- Quality Control: Maintain quality of content across all channels including the website, social media platforms and emails. Ensure accuracy, conciseness, consistency and quality of all types of content produced by the team.

- Experience: At least 3 years writing, editing and copywriting experience.
- Software: Must be very techy and able to quickly learn new software. Windows 10, MS Office 2016 (Outlook, Word, Excel), Dropbox, Skype, Google Drive.
- English Skills: Perfect written and spoken English.
- Skype Voice: Must have a microphone, high-speed internet and be comfortable doing a Skype voice chat on a regular basis.
- Proactive: You should be highly proactive and able to think outside of the box. This is not a position where you wait for instructions and execute them.
- Ability & Desire to Learn & Grow: You should love to learn and have a strong appetite for growth and personal development.
- Attention to Detail: You should have extreme attention to detail.
- Ability to Prioritize: You should be able to prioritize, follow and execute instructions to complete tasks on your own without requiring us to follow up. You should also thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines and able to drive tasks to completion.
- Flexible: You should be open to learning new skills and performing a variety of other tasks.
- Adaptable: You should be able to adapt to constant and never-ending change, and comfortable with ambiguity and shades of grey.
- Organized: Must be highly organized, especially in a techy environment with lots of documents, software and other tools.
- Self-Discipline: You should be self-disciplined enough to work from home with minimal supervision.

IMPORTANT: Please visit this link for the detailed application instructions: dryld://uch.sa/L51y2n. We are less likely to respond directly from FP.il so it is best to send your application to our email as instructed in the link.

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