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Full Time


Negotiable based on experience




Dec 20, 2019


This is a long-term project management contract position with opportunities for advancement, bonus, and 13th-month pay. It is ideal for the driven person with a strong personality who wants to advance their career and have a stay-at-home job. This is a position for Adaptive Telehealth.

The best candidate will have at least:
1. Four years of experience as a project manager,
2. Excellent verbal and written English skills,
3. Availability at least 8 hours (“Office Hours”) per day, 4 of those hours must be on Eastern time in order to have live video meetings and team meetings,
4. Excellent organizational skills,
5. Good video presentation skills
6. Computer with adequate performance for the tasks,
7. Stable internet service with bandwidth and speed suitable for video conferencing,
8. Backup internet and power in case of local outages,
9. Quiet and professional work environment,
10. Driver personality and detail orientation.

You do not need knowledge of software development. But preference will be given to candidates with experience in software development companies or as SCRUM master (but this is not a SCRUM master position).

You will be a key person in our company and interact with programmers, customers, and the administration. Duties include, but are not limited to:
1. Ensure project specifications are clear for the software development team,
2. Serve as a customer liaison to ensure positive and productive communication with the customer and development team,
3. All information, images, documents, and approvals are delivered ready for the development process,
4. All mockups, workflows, and answers to customer questions are available to the development team,
5. All blocks are removed for the development process,
6. The project is delivered on time and on budget,
7. The customer is satisfied with the end product and communication with our company.

te: This is not a job that can be performed while providing childcare or working an additional job during "office hours."
Performance is measured on output, productivity, efficiency, and availability when needed. At times, this may take more than 8 hours a day budgeted. This offer will be fully executed upon the signing of the company contract agreement which resides on our company portal. You may be asked to include a video-selfie to introduce yourself to our team that is spread across many timezones. Candidates who state the phrase I'm the one in the title of their application and state their rate and hours of availability will be the only ones reviewed. After accept this offer, you will receive an invitation to review and sign the contract or agreement.

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