Dropship Customer Service! (Amazon Seller Central Experience Required)

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Full Time


300/Mnth Startig




Aug 05, 2020


PLEASE NOTE: You have to have a working computer, a solid internet connection, and a means to make and receive calls from the USA (Skype is ok; you may need a subscription)

We source products to Amazon and eBay from variety of different suppliers such as Walmart, Home Depot and several other suppliers. We're growing and we need help with the customer service portion of this puzzle.

To be qualified, you must know:

Be an expert in Amazon Seller Central and dealing with major online retailers such as Walmart and Home Dept
Be proficient with verbal communication using Skype. You must be able to reach out to our customers and resolve problems as they occur.
Be familiar with Informed and Webscraper App, ASIN Inspector, Revseller, and Spot-N-Paste (these can learn as you go)

Job Requirements:

Honestly and Integrity. This is Job #1. We need to trust each other. I need to count on you to complete the tasks; especially when I am not looking.
You must solve the riddle. Every customer service issue is a riddle. You have to be a proactive manager who can make on the spot decisions that both resolve the customer's issue while keeping the company safe and profitable. The customer is NOT always right, but we need to as quickly resolve the issue and be able to demonstrate that we put forth an effort
Expertise working with dropshippers. We are a drop ship company. You need to understand how this business model works and have experience working with drop ship companies. We will NOT consider on the job training for this position. (NO OJT)
You need an outbound way to send and receive phone calls to/from the United States. This is an absolute requirement. You also need to email customers from time to time. You can use Skype to call, but you will need a very high speed internet connection. You need to bring your own computer and internet and must be ready to go on day one if hired.
You need very good English skills. When you talk to a customer, they should be able to understand you and you understand them. You also need good written communication to report back to your colleagues and the owner to avoid duplication of effort.
Your resume or reply back to me has to include what your favorite movie is. We will not reply back to responses without this information.
You need to be a problem solver. You must be proactive.
Your working hours are based on US East Coast Time Zone. You need to be available Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm eastern time zone. (This is the middle of the night in The Philippines)

Starting Salary is $2 dollars an hour (paid weekly using Paypal). Working hours are 40 hours per week (actual time is negotiable - but consistent blocks of time required; employee can set his/her hours but must devote his/her undivided attention to our tasks when on the clock - we will use a timekeeping program initially) All employees are hired on a trial basis, but we do seek long term partnerships for the right persons. Salary reviews will occur on a regular basis - as our company grows, so will your income. There also may be leadership and advancement opportunities offered in the future.

We do NOT/NOT allow other outside employment if you are hired by our firm. We must be your only full time potion if you are hired with our company.

You must use Timeproof or other time auditing software.

To apply, please answer these questions:

What experience do you have?
Do you have customer support experience?
Are you willing to learn how to source and list?
Do you know how to contact retailers in the United States and coordinate returns?
What is your favorite movie?
Do you know how to follow item tracking and resolve problems with shipping companies?
Have you ever been an online seller on Amazon, eBay or others?
What stores have you dropshipped from (Walmart, Home Depot, Target…)?
Can you handle working East Coast USA business hours in the middle of the night where you are at?
Please only apply or send your resume if you believe you are qualified.

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Data Entry
Customer Service & Admin Support
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